The Two Guys from NJ

When I was twelve my best friend lived on a dirt road in east nowhereland. The road didn’t really end where the houses stopped though, it became an old logging road that meandered through the forest coming out to an abandoned logging camp. I remember walking down the logging road with my friend but he would never take me all the way back to the old logging camp despite my curiosity. There was something he was afraid of but he wouldn’t tell me what.

He eventually began to tell me bits and pieces, that he and his mother would occasionally hear a woman screaming out in the forest and when the police were called they told his mother that it was just a domestic incident down the road. I remember walking out in the woods behind his house once and seeing a pair of women’s underwear, the kind with cutesy stuff on it. This is when he told me about the two men who were terrorizing his neighborhood.

He said they’d show up once or twice a month in a white van and camp out at the old logging camp. He said they caught him out there once and forced him to dump out these big blue barrels full of some toxic chemical so they wouldn’t have to do it. He said some of the neighbors and even the police were being bribed by these guys. I wasn’t sure what to believe until one night I was sleeping over and heard the screams for myself.

Not much more than a year later I was to become well acquainted with these two guys who I was to learn ran an MDMA manufacturing operation out of a warehouse in New Jersey’s Meadowlands, just outside NYC. The northeastern US of the late 90’s was being quietly terrorized by these two guys cruising around new England in their windowless econoline van looking for kids in their early teens to exploit, torture and ultimately, if one happened to be a boy, train to be the ultimate criminal.

So ensues what was to be both the adventure of a lifetime and the most gruesome tale ever told…and such was the birth of Alexander Struck by Lightning. Forged in a factory under mind splitting mental and physical torture I was to become Matt and Matt was to become Alexander and Alexander was to be Struck by Lightning.

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Sounds horrific. When I saw “Two Guys from NJ” I thought it was a pizza place. Yeesh.

Or a comedy starring Charlie Sheen and Jon Cryer.

Should probably just destroy the whole thing.

why destroy it?

it’s just a page from the saga of Alex Struckbee after all.

You should publish this.

I sometimes feel like I should at least do something with it, even…at times…as if I’m…supposed to. It simply manifested it’s self in my mind at some point…it is not of my creation…yet it exists in my mind as thousands of false memories complete with dialogue.

It is as if I’ve lived two lives, as if some ethereal other me went off on some trip of his own in some alternate reality and came back to give me the update…