They called us angel hair

As I survivor I know these things.

There were those who they burned up.

They called it angel hair.

They burned those kids and then called it “cooked on angel hair” later on.

I found my family. They invited me in. We’re like a big rainbow us guys, we came from everywhere actually.

See you soon guys.

We’ve been adopted. We’re going hunting soon.


this is exactly my philosophy!!!
I always say if you have no family/your family failed you, go to others and they will take you in!
Happy things worked out for you @pansdisease .


One of my favorite bands the drums cite bjork as one of their biggest influences. I bet she produces some really surreal music.

Pans: Hey ive a question big guy, In what circumstances is violence justified?

Bashing in dahmer’s cranium was fairly justified would you not say?

But in a simpler manner perhaps it would be justified only in return for violence initiated.

I’m so glad you found your family! I was worried about you.

Yes, i’ll see them all soon because i’m like them.

They leave rocks around to denote they killed them and in what way and how many.

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Oh, sorry. I thought you meant you found your other family. I was happy for you for a minute.

I did find them, and I will see them soon.

We have memoriams in the creepiest cities on earth.

There you will find piles of rocks here and there or perhaps large rocks of certain numbers.

That’s us, that’s my fam, they leave them there as a trophy of our deaths and how they benefitted from it.

The park in my town is actually a memoriam where there were four sacrificial alters, now the alters are picnic tables. But in that exact spot they’d kill us on those slabs in horrible ways.

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Dahmer? Dahmer was a serial killer, the problem is Pans, you have delusions, of people being murderers, of being foul and disgusting, fundamentally, you have said on here that evil pervades your existance, and that your family are implicit in that evil, and your psychotic to boot. You better fix yourself I.e rehabilitate yourself, take your meds and find stability


Doesn’t make much sense but too you…

That is a good danger sign…

It’s like long posts…if you can’t make yourself understood to a five year old child then your not doing it well…

This is schizophreniaville…keep it simple. Don’t think too much. Take your medication. Don’t complain if you don’t take your medication and your tripping balls in life!

Seriously. It doesn’t help other people but your a valued member of this community…come back and join us on an even basis!