Weird night

I have been kicked into the street for several days, will try to escape in a few days.

After surviving the murder attempt and trying to help my niece from her cursed father I have been wandering the wildnernesses(the grocery store parking lot). Wandering the wilderness is way easier these days actually, almost laughable really. Everyone thinks it’s very hard but it isn’t actually.

So last night I stopped to stand in the grass so I could rest my feet. I was accosted by a gang member who assumed I was watching him, he threatened to shoot me in the face. I assured him I was not and was simply resting, I don’t give a ■■■■ what he is doing in the least, I have many of my own problems right now.

So I made my way back and went to the station. I was then given a hefty portion of pizza and 3.00 in cash.

The night was becoming very bi-polar.

Then the supernatural fest began. Tree spirits, sky spirit, reincarnated monks, someone who knew secrets helping with advice with my niece. ■■■■ was popping up all over the place all night.

Scary and powerful powerful stuff.

The arsenic I was fed slowly made my feet sick, other wise i’d be strolling in a park to be honest.

My family kidnappers who may or may not be bestowed powers by dark entities in exchange for things are also trying to steal all of my money and leave me for dead, I can’t believe they think they know everything, I really can’t.

I continue my study of the light realms and their having to do with all things still, it is so interesting I can’t begin to tell you. You can do anything with it, anything at all, it’s very provocative stuff.

They said though “also know your own. It is still useful as is our realm. know all of them and the positive usages there-of, we will guide you through it.”

I am also forced to suffer like a child or young person. I am not really but knowing their agonies has and is changing me profoundly in my heart. Help on the way kids, help on the way. we all forgot what it was like, sorry kids, we let you down, don’t be like us. We are ogres and you are like stars in the night sky(a night light).

So what do you guys think about us all getting immortality sooner than not? Pretty cool it sounds.

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Can you go to a homeless shelter @pansdisease? The streets don’t seem very safe if you’re running into random gang members. :frowning:

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Well moonbeam, it’s complicated.

Directly on the otherside it was fine.

I just wanted to see her again that’s all.

It’s always nice running into your kind every once in a while.

I passed her on the way north. After living awhile I knew because we are like the plants and things like that.

Just wanted to see if she was going to come out again so I waited and then the gang member came out thinking I was involved with him. Stupid right? If only he knew.

Get it?

And I thought I experienced some wild stuff. Sounds like your on a dxm trip, never tried it but read about it.

I just want to ask you whether you enjoy the state you’re in or if you’d prefer meds?

Are you even on meds @pansdisease?
The Streets are not a safe place.
Take care of yourself.

@pansdisease if you don’t want to be homeless knock on doors and ask people to take you in.
Someone kind will surely be found to take you in.

Someone will surely call the cops.


Is pan ever on meds :disappointed_relieved: I wish he had someone to look out for him

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@twinklestars if homeless what does he have to lose?
In prison he will in any case receive food and shelter, he has nothing to lose.
At least in the city where I live I am certain somebody will take me in.
Indeed this is true of any city, there are loads and loads of doors to knock.

Better to go to the ER and be admitted to a hospital, if only for a few days. That’s possibly the same thing that would happen if the cops came, but if the encounter went down badly, prison is a terrible place to be while psychotic.

There’s no guarantee he’d be admitted to a hospital either, there is a bed shortage for psych patients and you have to meet specific criteria to be hospitalized.

In any case, I don’t think pans wants to go to jail or the hospital.

Eta, in my area, the cops beat a sz man to death for looking in car windows, and were acquitted.

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@twinklestars I don’t think there is a basis for somebody who seeks somebody to care for him
to be imprisoned/hospitalized.
I think that if you seek persistently you will definitely find a household that will take care of you.

When I was in the street and looked to be in a bad condition,
some people asked me if I needed help without me even asking.
Perhaps you live in a bad neighborhood.

There is a different ‘mentality’ in the western world.

It’s not particularly a bad neighborhood. People will give food and money. But it’s dangerous to let people you don’t know in your house. People will call the police both out of fear and also because they think the police will help the person. Which sometimes they can and other times it ends badly.

When I was psychotic, I wanted to “escape” and go to the neighbors house.
Surely they would of called the cops.
The outcome would have not been a good one.

how are you charging your phone? maybe the place where your using power can get you help.

Yeah… best to avoid coming to the attention of police. They could be very nice and understanding but they also could be a $$holes, and you never know what you’re gonna get. In fairness, neither do they, and unpredictable people scare them.

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Schmerling, what is this relativist nonsense. He is not stable, why would someone invite him into their home. He should be in a hospital

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Yeah no one in the USA would let a stranger into their home