Alexander Struck by Lightning

Before Alexander became Alexander he was to become known as Matt as this was the name he gave to his two captors while imprisoned in the warehouse outside NYC. I suppose it was everyone calling him Matt during this mind splitting time of torture and trauma that gave birth to the persona of what was to become Alexander Struck by Lightning.

All we’ll say is that what happened in the warehouse was horrific, this does not need to be described in detail for I’ve never read such horror in fact or fiction. We join Alexander, or Matt really, as he has made his escape from the warehouse along with another Matt, the only one who dared follow. The captors had seen these two make a run for it and had fired on them from afar, each slug narrowly missing. The irony to their escape was that these men had taught them everything they needed to know to escape that place of horrors. They had taught them how to use the lock picking kit and then absent mindedly left it there, they had taught them how to drive a car and left the old stolen hatchback just outside the warehouse doors. They had even taught them what to do with the hundreds of pills stashed in that car’s glove compartment.

“I summon my love to thee” Said Matt having remembered the words of the spirit of Brichel whom had appeared to him at sea one night on that rusty old Libyan freighter making it’s way through the outskirts of a hurricane while Matt dozed off toward near death. She had shown him the truth that night, the wisdom of the prophets, had given him the key to the spirit world “I summon my love to thee” Said Matt again.

The other Matt glared at Matt saying “What the hell?!?”
But this was cut short by the other worldly giggling heard just outside the door of the police truck the two of them were locked in. And then there was the sound of the locking mechanism and more strange, echoeey laughter fading off into the night. The other Matt’s jaw dropped as Matt slowly pushed open the door with his foot. There on the ground just outside the truck was the large aspirin jar full of pills that the two of them had found in the hatchback’s glove compartment. Not only were they free again, but their plan remained feasible.

The two ran off into the night, ran until they hit the railroad where a long freight train was making it’s way slowly west. This was the train they now rode, sound asleep, ever west into the night…