The truth in my opinion


I liked this image, a man sitting on his chair and watching down to the road.

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What is a successful life in our current paradigm? Lots of money and a high powered job, but alas only a few ‘make’ it and they tend to be narcissistic and unhappy anyway.

Doesn’t your post contradict your obsession with money @san_pedro?

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I have no obession with money jealous is worse

Are you saying that I am jealous of you, or that the notion of jealousy is worse than an obsession of money?

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your opinion of me is sladder, because you don’t know the ‘‘full’’ facts about me

I just noticed that in the past you have posted about money and gambling so often that it suggested to me that money was an obsession with you.

I apologise if that is not the case. :slight_smile:


i have a dream 2 be rich, but so what…everyone else has dreams too

A lot of people share that dream to be rich.

The problem comes when it is unachievable and how it makes the individual feel when they never achieve their dream.

To always be craving, needing and wanting will never make a person satisfied which is what your original post suggests when being successful (rich) is said to not be as satisfactory as our soul, mind and heart.

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i don’t care if i become rich or not, just putting out my case to the universe…

I sometimes wonder about big corporate lawyers. What do they argue about? Surely it’s not that complicated.

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Money and power mostly and that can get really complicated :smiley:

This picture saying just go get some McDonalds than you’ll be satisfied. Thats all its saying to me.


You were right about Pedro. He is lazy. He just wants a whole wack of dough to land in his lap without working for it.

The only way to get rich fast is lottery or artistic by music or book or painting. When you do an ordinary job the work just pays the bills unless you are a good saver, and save up money over time. Being rich for me is a life free from addiction.

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