Money wise!

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can u wish someone money

I get a college education and get a good job and invite wealth into my life. Sorry for the sarcasm bud.


where does luck come from? @Loke

I think I’m one of the only ones who responds to your post. I wonder why. not being sarcastic

I don’t know. Maybe from God. I had a good job and I made good money but I’ve had crappy luck in my life especially when it comes to meeting the right men.

i am the fully outcast in cyber world and in other worlds…I am just trying

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I get it. Sometimes you say off the wall things but we’re all schizophrenics here. We’re all weird. I’m just sayin. Maybe that’s why people often don’t respond to your posts.

@ZombieMombie or @ninjastar might have an opinion on my statement. Your quirkiness doesn’t bother me though.

thank you for being ‘‘honest’’ just like me

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You’re welcome :wink:

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most of us are good people 100%

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