The struggle between taking meds and being alert

I have recently posted about problems with alertness while taking my morning meds. I take lamotrigine, topiramate, buspirone, and saphris each morning. Within about half an hour of taking them, I am tired, fuzzy-headed and useless. I spend the day in bed doing nothing because I just don’t have the energy to get going even when I have the motivation.

I am otherwise doing okay right now. The lithium is really helping me, and I feel motivated. I feel like I could get up and clean, volunteer, play my French horn, read a book, anything. But my pills are stopping me. The only solution I’ve found so far is energy drinks, but I know that they aren’t healthy, and I don’t want to take them long-term.

On my morning meds, it is bad enough that I can’t drive or attend appointments. If my husband brings me places, I don’t remember what happened later on. I have skipped my pills for a couple of days (not all in a row), but my paranoia gets really bad- it is harder to deal with than the hallucinations- and I feel like I become dangerous to the general public in that state.

I feel so hopeless and frustrated and angry. Does anyone else experience this? What do you do about it?


Take your meds at night. Set an alarm. You will wake up feeling better. I am still tired and drink lots of coffee, but it’s much better once I switched to night time.


Saphris knocked me out when I was on it. I can’t believe you take it in the morning! From memory, you also take it at night too?

I wonder if your pdoc would be amenable to you only taking it at night?


I am supposed to take all of those meds every 12 hours.

Ask if you can take the saphris at night only. It does have a 24 hour half life, so that might work for you. But I would definitely ask the doctor.


I will certainly do that! Thank you!

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