Less sleep since being on meds?


I’ve been on meds for four years. But since then i always wake up early, even when i don’t need to on weekends. I used to wake up at 11am or 12 but now its like 7am on weekends. I would like more sleep. I do get enough to be honest but why can’t i get the same as before?


I don’t sleep in much. Usually up between 5 and 8 at the latest. I think your body is letting you know that you don’t need it which is a good thing. It seems you may be on a good sleep schedule.


I wish I could sleep less. My meds knock me on my ass for about 12+ hours every night. Its really interfering with my life now that I’m starting to feel better and more alive when I am awake. Sorry to hijack the thread, I know not what you were talking about.


I’m sorry you feel that way @Skims. What med are you on?


Saphris. I must say I like Saphris better than the other anti-psychotics I’ve been on because I’m not as muddled and its working with less side effects but it puts me right to sleep within about 15 minutes of taking it. When I was on Clozaril I was a zombie. I wish there was a med that made you sleep 8 hours and you woke up feeling refreshed and clear headed.


Maybe go to bed later?