Question about Saphris?

The pharmacist says I have to take it in 12 hour intervals, but I was just wondering if anyone takes it all at once with the same success? It makes me drowsy in the morning.

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Its not available in my country…!!!:alien:

I’d take it as prescribed. As soon as your system gets used to it, the drowsiness might go away.

I just take it at bedtime. When I first started taking it they tried to make me take it in am/pm but was too sedating in the am. I would do as @everhopeful suggests and take it as prescribed until you can talk to your pdoc about this.

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That’s probably because it leaves your system quickly.

I was on a med like that. It’s a good idea to take it with a little food so that it doesn’t knock you out and instead has a smooth transition into your body.

For example, Geodon must be taken every 12 hours as well. It leaves the system in 8 hours unless taken with food- food prolongs it to 10-14 hours, about.

No you can’t take saphris with food, its sublingual. You can’t eat or drink anything for 10-15 minutes after. Then maybe eat something?

According to my nursing drug book Saphris onset is unknown, it peaks in .5 to 1.5 hours and its duration is 12-24 hours.

I’ll take your advice and have it with some food but after about 10 minutes like Skims said. I can’t handle coffee so I’m going to have to soldier it at work today. This is my third day on Saphris and I feel like more vigilant maybe because I’m more alert on this drug. I’m hoping my paranoia will go away soon though.


What dose are you taking?

5 MG twice a day working my way up to 10MG twice a day

I didn’t see improvement until I was at 30mg at bedtime. Now 3 years later I’m down to 20mg with good results. Hopefully next year I’ll try 15 or 10.

I guess I just have to be patient then.

For me it was an overnight change the night I moved up to 30. I woke up and the voices were gone and I stopped dissociating.