The price of cheese, expensive

Here where I am the price of cheese has risen a lot. I normally do not buy it, but for this Easter occasion I got one. It had 10 slices and the price was three euros (almost four dollars). I am not going to buy it any longer. What is the price of cheese where you are?

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I don’t know the price of cheese in my area, my sister flirts with the cheese guy and gets cheese half price. Sometimes it really drives me up the wall. But we get nice cheese for less money.

If I got some better cheese, the price would be higher, 4.99 euros, 6.5 dollars. This is 50 cents a slice. When I was in Miami Beach I was able to buy two cigars at 50 cents. Somehow the prices of food items have just risen, but still people buy, because people must eat.

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Grocery prices are ridiculously high here in California. I don’t know how much cheeses costs but when you shop at Safeway (one of our biggest supermarket chains) you can easily pay as much as $4.00 for one medium size cantaloupe. A gallon of milk costs about $5.00. A 12-pack of Coco Cola is about $7.00. A head of lettuce is more than $2.00. A loaf of good sandwich bread cost me $6.00 !!

Sounds very high. I do not drive an auto any longer, but gasoline prices are high too. One litre of gas costs 1.65 euros, so one gallon is appx. 6.6 euros, 8.58 dollars, that is the life.

I think the food industry knows we will still buy our favorite foods and indulge no matter the price, too many overweight people in america will not give up their snacks.
It would really put their panties in a bunch if just for one day everyone retaliated and did NOT buy anything!

I shop at WFM-Whole Foods Market, an expensive chain of stores that specializes in organic foods. Cheeses there are anywhere from $4.00 to $12 or $13. Some special European cheese are even more expensive. I buy Havarti there for sandwiches that costs me $8.99 a lb.

Wow Nick, that’s crazy expensive. Just to compare, here in Atlanta a cantaloupe will run about $1 in season, a gallon of milk $2.99, Coke 12-pk is about $4.00 I think - don’t buy too many soft drinks, lettuce about $1.50, Sara Lee Wheat Bread (my fav) is $2.50.

The price of housing out there is also crazy expensive too. I watch House Hunters on HGTV quite often and I’m always shocked at the price of homes in CA. A home here in the Atlanta area that would appraise for say $300,000 would go for $1 million or more in CA. I don’t know how you guys do it out there!

market value mature cheddar about 3 pounds.
anything else too bloody expensive lol

Good cheese is pretty expensive here too. I rarely get it though, so I’m willing to pay. Besides I like to get smaller amounts of cheese so that I actually eat it all and it doesn’t go to waste.

Hey, I buy Havarti too! I love the stuff. I pay about what you do for it. To me it’s too good to put in a sandwich. I ALWAYS eat it plain to get the full taste of it.

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Havarti was one of my mother’s favorite cheeses.

My sister’s got me hooked on Brie. I had no idea it tasted so different if you let it warm up. Now I get why people like it.

I recently starting eating Brie. Now I have some almost everyday :wink:

My husband eats Harvarti sometimes in his sandwiches for work. Herb & spice I think. My son used to like the jalapeno kind.

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Have you tried warming the brie?

Yes, I just started doing that. Now I understand why people like it. I like it with blackberries and honey.

That sounds goooood. What sort of blackberries? Mashed, frozen, whole? It seems like whole would be a bit too much for the brie.
How much honey? Any particular type?

Fresh blackberries when I can get them and just a dot of Anne’s blackberry honey. I also like the brie with smoked salmon. Basically, blackberries and smoked salmon is most of my diet.

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Have you ever tried smoked salmon and cream cheese on a bagel?

Yes, lox is good…