Groceries are so expensive!

it took 90 percent of our food money to get just the basic necessities for the month…sheesh…you got high food bills?


The place where I shop is expensive and I can’t afford to buy enough food. It’s the only place I can get to besides a gas station which is expensive too.

10yrs ago you could get a kg of ground beef for 2$. Now its 9$ minimum

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I’ve noticed that groceries are cheaper in Spain than in Belgium and there quality is really good too.


Spain is affordable but I read the least expensive country in europe is Czech republic followed by bulgaria and hungary


But the weather is better in Spain.

I’m staying here!

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Food is wayyy too expensive. Living off banana smoothies.

Everything is going up at an sadly impressive rate.

Our electric provider informed us they’re services were going up 25%.

No option other than to live in the dark.

You have to pay.

Last month, with it being cooler and running the heat a little, plus the changed rate,

Our bill was $600.

That’s a ■■■■■■■ sin.

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Omg! Wtf!!! That’s insane!!!

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We don’t have enough money this month to make it to the end of the month.

My husband hasn’t been feeling well but he’s going to have to drive Uber a bit to cover expenses.

I’m going to try to return to work when I’m done with PT for my ankle.

I’m nervous. I failed at my last 3 attempts. One job was 10 years ago. The other to recently.

I’m worried my paranoia will go into overdrive

It’s true that grocery prices have gone up due to pandemic-related labor shortages and supply chain issues, but it’s also true that grocery stores have leveraged those issues to reap enormous profits (price gouging).

Yeah, it costs me a lot more to buy groceries. I do most of my food shopping at Walmart, but certain things (bakery, deli, produce, fish) I buy at Publix.

Yeah. We try to work around it by hitting sales and buying in bulk from a restaurant supplier. Avoid paying retail whenever possible.

Yes. The last 2 years prices have gone up significantly. I am spending roughly double what I was 2 years ago and my shopping habits have remained the same.

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Yeah. I got 2 frozen pizzas and a 24 pack of Coke Zero and it cost about $40. :ant::ant::ant:


I eat apples cheese oatmeal bananas and vegetables and salads.

My bill is okay. Soda is the most expensive thing.


I usually spend $100 per week.


My bills gone up £60 quid. But i pay extra to have it delivered some of it, like the meat from a proper butcher.


My Mom is on the Medicare + Medicaid dual program so we get 260 extra for groceries each month


Remember when tuna was 69 cents a can and now it’s 1.25 per can here. :disappointed:

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We spend at least £130 on food once per week. It’s ridiculous. We can’t afford to put treats in anymore. Only what we need.

Also our gas and electric rose in January from £200 a month to £340 where do they get these figures from ? Yeah it is a ■■■■■■■ sin. There is no need for it.

Anyway my rant is over.

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