Grocery Stores Getting Too Expensive

Just came back from the grocery $$$$$$$$$ store. There was a time a can of beans used to be 0.79 cents. Now they are up to $1.98. Tuna fish is close to $3.00 per can, 5 frozen chicken breasts are $16.99.

Have groceries gone up in your area? :worried:

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Yes its gone up everywhere

I never seem to know what stuff cost’s. I can get what I want, but I usually go to the car when it’s check out time. The counter is over stimulating.

My sis and I help with my parents garden so we get veggies and fruit from that. She’s also a devout shopper of farmer’s markets.

She always seems to tell me what is more expensive and what is less expensive all the time. So it seems like it’s all the same with some stuff going up and other stuff going down. I’m not sure if that is more or less.

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Ha! We have had several discussions about food.
Yes, the price of food is outrageous. That’s why I shop sales. And when something is on sale I stock up, including canned goods, meat, ‘dry’ groceries etc. I am looking into buying fresh vegetables when they are on sale, stocking up on them and freezing them to pull out and use when I want. Another option is “salvage food stores”. These are stores that sell food like canned food that has dents in the can or ripped labels. The food is perfectly good but supermarkets give the food to them because they can’t sell them that way. They also sell dairy products who’s expiration date is near or has passed but the food is still good. I have also seen “day old” bakery stores who sell stuff like bread or doughnuts or cakes that are a little old but are perfectly edible.They have great bargains there. Stores like Costco that sell in bulk seem to offer great deals but in a lot of cases the money you save by buying in bulk does not cover the membership fees.


Hey surprised, I’ve read that farmers markets, while they may have fresher produce than a supermarket and more variety, the food may not be any cheaper.

I know what you mean. I bought over $100 worth of groceries today and I think I had less than half a buggy worth of food.

The Hillbilly housewife website has good ideas.


If you are shopping at major supermarkets try as much as you can to buy store brands instead of ‘name’ brands. Store brands are cheaper and often taste the same as ‘name’ brands
Examples : most peanut butter tastes the same no matter which brand you buy so buy the cheapest. Why buy Jif when Safeway peanut butter is just as good ? But of course if a usually expensive brand is cheaper because it’s on sale then buy it.
Same with canned corn. Same with canned tuna. Same with jam or jelly.
it is not always true but you can learn as you go along from experience as to which store brand items are perfectly as good as major brands. Same with spaghetti. Or dry cereal. Or olives. Or milk.

HA. My peanut butter is organic. No sugar added. $8.00

Switch to Walmart Great Value peanut butter- $2.18

Savings- $5.82

Canned Clover Leaf Tuna- $3.00

Switch to Walmart Great Value Tuna- $1.77

Savings- $1.25


Oh dear… I know my sister is a shameless cheese flirt… I hope she’s not a fruit flirt too. Or a fish flirt.


Yep. Here too. My son gets $111 a month on his food card. I could say a lot more—but I`ll just shut my mouth!