The power of forgiveness

I forgave a man that tried to kill me

I forgave for my own peace of mind

the scar on my neck is a reminder and stab wound in the back

the power of forgiveness works for me


Forgiveness is an individual thing. It isn’t required to move on, at all. But if it helps you or anyone else to let go, that’s good.


I was mocked for not taking revenge called a chicken, but I rose above because I am better than their actions

stronger too

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Well, you can go without forgiving but not exact revenge.

Did this happen in Ireland?

That sounds frightening!

The man that tried to kill me is in jail for killing someone else

Yea Ireland I got over it

I am lucky to survive imo

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You did the right thing in my opinion. People who can’t forgive just get full of anger, hate and rage.

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That’s good man.

Stay strong.


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Yes I learned so much in life that wanting revenge is totally wrong for one persona

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It happened in 2004 so I got over it but left with a 6-inch noticeable scar on my neck

so glad I lived to tell the tale

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I don’t have to forgive the attackers from my childhood, I just have to stop purposefully reliving the experiences. That’s how I moved on.

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