Thinking of forgiving for the first time

Of course I’ve heard about forgiveness all my life but I never had a mind for it. Now It’s coming to me. Being able to forgive is a sign of a stronger person.


I’ve forgiven guy who financially and sexually coerced me and called me derogatory stuff because it makes ME feel better. I still allow myself to think he is annoying in return but that’s pretty benign compared to thinking someone is the worst thing on the planet kinda

I think people who say forgive and forget don’t understand. Because when you really forgive, you can free up the way you think about them and then you don’t have to forget. It’s forgiving with understanding.


I think it would be healthy for you.
Forgiving doesn’t make what happened okay.
It simply means you choose to no longer hold a grudge or let ill feelings control you.

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Yes I agree with you, forgiving with understanding. For example he did what he did cos he’s ignorant and cos he was in a desperate money situation. Ignorant cos of his upbringing.

Still annoying cos it bothered me obviously but that’s it :slight_smile:

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“Shake it off, shake it off.”


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