When I think back to someone who cause me a lot of trouble

I thought of what I’d say to him if I met him again. I’d say, “If I were a killer, you’d be dead.”

Honest question… In your long experience of life what merit do you find in revenge? I’m not trying to be defensive or seem above supporting harm … but how does violence and harm for the sake of themselves actually solve anything?

I ask sincerely because of your age…

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Character assassination new no better way.

What’s vengeful about the statement of not being able to carry out revenge?

I mean I thought you were saying if you had the power to harm those who harmed you you would do so. I get it… I was just wondering why you thought revenge had any merit ?

Not being a killer means you dont actually believe in revenge?

Sorry I’m confused… I will just put it simply… People who’ve seen the true horrors of human Malice probably see the absurdity in harm. I guess it’s my own belief and experience but like the Buddha said… “hate does not end by hatred only love be can do that” I believe in what he said


I guess if that’s what you like to do … I don’t have to be like that tho


No of course you dont.

I can relate, if i wasnt a Buddhist maybe i would seek vengeance on my abusers.

But @AKendrick has a good point, revenge doesnt change the past, it doesnt undo the harm thats been done.

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You were the one that brought up revenge. I wasn’t thinking of revenge, I only wanted to stop the man’s bad behavior.

Sorry guys it’s rude to try to impose your beliefs on other. Who am I to tell another what to feel or believe. My apologies


Enough words