The possibility of aliens

I much prefer the term that there are likely aliens. Is it possible they are reading our thoughts and implanting dreams? Some of the dreams I’ve had are undeniable and they only started when I got sz.

I totally believe we are being visited. It’s not crazy thoughts anymore, governments are starting to come clean about it. It’s only a matter of time before full disclosure.

I believe in making rent and keeping my car running.


Maybe we are being watched by aliens to see if we are worth being helped - to see if we can handle advanced technology without destroying ourselves.

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Possibly. But I will suggest…

REBT – Rational emotive behavior therapy - Wikipedia
Schematherapy – Schema therapy - Wikipedia
Standard CBT – Psychotherapy | NAMI: National Alliance on Mental Illness & scroll down
10 StEP – Pair A Docks: The 10 StEPs of Emotion Processing

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Who knows, some say its in our genes.

The evolutionary gap between intelligent man & caveman

An ET species had to of tampered with our DNA, that’s the only possibility

I believe Mars used to be the home of these beings, and that through the destruction of their own planet by the inhabitants greed & irresponsibility for the planets well being (such as planet Earth) they destroyed it & turned it into a wasteland. These beings were called the Anunnaki… it’s said that they actually created the human race to work as their slaves (Ancient Sumer)

I believe there is life outside earth. Whether they have the technology to visit us remains the mystery.
I once had a dream as a child that I was visited by a ufo. there was a marquee on the craft and it said “eat at joe’s”


You could take a pointer from @77nick77 . I’m on his side with this one :slight_smile:

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I read about the Billy Meier case and somehow believe in him. I think there is likely alien on earth but whether it has to do with our symptoms I don’t think so.

This sort of post should come with a trigger warning. Seriously, we don’t know so let’s not believe in david icke

Once upon a time I was on a train heading north from a city to a town.
It was a long train ride and I was only a kid,
my mother goes look at out the window and tell me if you see a shooting star,
So I did, I looked out the window for a while.
Than boom a flick flick over the sky and it was to the other side.
It froze for a split second and than completed. it was intense.
I told her, she didn’t believe me so she goes wait again, so I did, than boom a huge shooting star goes past.
She goes what was your wish.
I said “that it all happens”.

e(Y)e Was Once Abducted (by) Aliens … ,

If You (whoever) is Reading Thus , If You Would L(Y)Ke to Hear tha Story , Lemme Know and e(Y)e Shall Share thee Experience … … …

Trigger? it’s totally logical to talk about Aliens, normal convo.

“to doubt the existence of ET’s, would be to doubt our very existence”

There are probably beings 1000 light years away saying WE don’t exist

Think about that a bit ^^^

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Id like to hear your story

Alright Yo , e(Y)e Shall Share … ,

Ok ,

So it Was Long Ago When it Happened … ,

e(Y)e Was 15ish Years Old and Was Jus Living My Life , Getting Involved With As Much as Possible on Computers and Cutting Loose With Friends … ,

Tha Nite thee Abduction Happened Came out of tha Blue , e(Y)e Researched Aliens Online Jus L(Y)Ke Errrone Else and Had Moments of Wishing e(Y)e Could Be Taken Away From Earths Rules … ,

So On That Nite e(Y)e Had a Joint a Lil Bit of Soda , a Walkman , My Favorite C.D. and My Bed … ,

During that T(Y)me e(Y)e Was Depressed About My Unique Self , e(Y)e Wasn’t Happi With tha Way
e(Y)e Looked , and Would Fynde Myself Thinking About Ways e(Y)e Could Change Everything Physically … ,

but On that Nite e(Y)e Took a Few Hits From My Joint and Felt Peacefully Sleepy … ,

e(Y)e Was Lisseneing to One of My Favorite Records and Jus Layed Down on My Side With tha Music and One of Natures Gyfts , Closed My Eyes and Started Seeing Soft Blocks Shifting Around With tha Melody of tha Music … ,

So e(Y)e Jus Watched Internally and Slowly Went Further Down Into my Subconsiousness … ,

(by) tha T(Y)me e(Y)e Got to tha 4th (OR) 5th Song , e(Y)e Wasn’t in My Bed Anymore … ,

e(Y)e Found Myself Grabbing tha Ledge of a Rectangular Window and Looking Out At a Rocky Planet , Marooned Coloured and Empty … ,

and to Shorten One of My Most Favorite Experiences , e(Y)e Ran Towards a Vaulted Door , Naught Out of Fear but Out of Pure Excitement and As tha Door Opened e(Y)e Raised Into tha Room and Was Floating and As e(Y)e Slowly Flipped Forward ,

A Hairline of Fear Was Birthed as e(Y)e Was About to Flip and BOOM (!!!) ,

e(Y)e Was Back in My Room , Wide Awake … ,

e(Y)e Sadly Didn’t See , Naught One Alien … ,

In tha Ship Tho , Tha Glossed Futuristic Smooth Walls Were Neon-ish pink … ,


There Was Three Large Television Screens Within tha Walls (by) tha Rectangular Window … ,

It Was T.V. Snow Playing on tha T.V.'s … ,

but What Struck Me as e(Y)e Grew Up ,

Was tha Fact That , As Soon as e(Y)e Felt Fear , They Let me Go … ,

and e(Y)e Didn’t Tell a Soul Until Many Many Moons Latur … … … ,

Well , Thaz My Story , Hope You Liked it (OR) Learned Something … ,

Cool You Think (???) … … …

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Thanks for your story. Was a good read

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With billions of stars and planets out there - sure its likely there are aliens - but there is no real evidence they’ve made it to our little corner of the universe:


Hmm … … … .

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