The possibility of aliens

Little greys aliens have probably more to deal with schizophrenic&capitalistic alienations than with nuts&bolts in outer space. But if they really exists, it’s an interesting matter.

Yeah, the idea of existing aliens is not foreign and not out there.

The idea of them controling our lives is. It’s what I was saying.


I believe that there is life out there as they are discovering potentially habitable planets all the time. The James Webb telescope they are launching will definitely increase the chances of finding life, and even someone at NASA is fairly confident it will happen in the future.,d.ZWU

Life comes in all forms though, and whether it is intelligent life is another matter. Even if we had been visited by beings advanced enough to travel long distances in a short time, they would have probably been put off by watching us kill each other. As a species, we are probably not mature enough for any highly evolved aliens.


I have no doubt in my mind that they are watching us. I have been doing research into the correlation between schizophrenia and alien contact.

These beings do have something to do with the all seeing eye. I have closed eye visuals in bright neon on a daily basis (in which case the limbic system is “turned on”). I found a video of a prominent researcher by the name of Klaus Dona who uncovered an artifact from Ecuador that glowed under the blacklight. After viewing this video these voices said “ashtar” in which case I actually had to look up.

What I found amusing is that these beings heckle each other sating “stop using humans voices, Ursula” and this is a strong indication right out of the bible: “The Beast out of the sea.”

I have posted up pictures on my twitter page of unnatural cloud formations and have been diligently keeping revord of sightings with times and dates. Their space craft does resemble stars whichs makes it difficult to locate in the night time sky to most people. I really do not care what people think of my findings. I just thought I would share my experience.

Hi there Wonderdonkey,

I have to admit that I got a slight chuckle from your response, mostly from your picture.

I actually do agree with you on your topics. The genome? Yes, one day my head started crackling and buzzing and a week later my hair spiraled into tight curls. My hair is not naturally that curly. And yes, the government knows about schizophrenia dysfunction from alien control. Documentation can be found here:

No,I have never permed my hair because I don’t even like curly hair.

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Aliens are reading my mind and controlling my actions