The ponder of gifts

I’m not looking a gift horse in the mouth. I’m very grateful for the thoughts and attention we’re given. But as some of the gifts come in, I wonder what inspired the thought.
Our house has just been gifted a purple and green dotted toast rack and a fish plate shaped like a fish. (???)

The toast rack seems odd to me. We only have a two slice toaster. There are 8 slots on the rack. I’ve been homeless in my life and have in fact dumpster dove for food. So the thought of this toast rack and a special plate for fish only is very odd to me. What would one normally do with this? The kid says she’ll use the toast rack as a letter sorter to keep the bills in order. Not sure what to do with a fish plate.

haha, thats funny lol, idk what i’m getting if aanything haha but i really hope i dont get that haha, thats a good idea you lilsis had though makes me think of something i could use for mags as i have some favourite mags and things that clutter my room,

i just took my gidts up to my parents today and the children where there and they were curious haha but i didnt say what they were getting, my dad had little jobs for us as usual lol,

he found out i had been going to church so decided to phone me while i was at the service lol (luckily) my phone was off but it was ok and he was curious about that as well, i said the choir was excellent and the songs were great to sing altho it took a while to relax before i could sing properly and the first few songs were a write off for me.
i am going to the night service tonight as well for the feast and i cant wait.

I could stand the feast.

Cute… I sometimes wonder the same thing. I try to get presents for people that reflect who I think they are. I’ve gotten some odd presents from my family. Pink high heeled shoes… at the time I didn’t even wear heels not alone pink ones. I guess that’s why gift certificates have gotten so popular.

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I don’t know you that well, and even I wouldn’t give you pink high heels. My sis got an odd dress last year. She’s a steampunk with a love of Morticia Addams. So of course you could imagine how a baby blue and yellow striped, short little puffy dress went over.

Our Mom gives the most Vulcan like, logical and practical gifts. So far my sis has gotten a car windshield with wipers and I’ve gotten a $150.00 card for the grocery store we shop at.
Dad tries to do something a little more artistic and fun. Books. :smile:

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