What did you get your family for Christmas

I got my mother a 25.00 gift certificate to McDonalds. That’s the only gift I got this year because my mom gets presents for me and says it’s from me.

I got Amazon vouchers for all but my brother(he isn’t online) . I got him some film DVDs and a book on Steve McQueen .

I recorded an album of Christmas songs on piano for my friends and family. I couldn’t really afford to buy anything, so I just made something.

Happy Holidays!



I’m collecting all my past poems into homemade volumes; when I finish the first I’ll mail them. I got the great nieces some castle building blocks. We’ll see how that goes over. The oldest one’s favorite gift last year was a tutu. She wore it all day.

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Everyone got a card (except Mom naturally) that said:

Forget the past,
You cant change it.

Forget the future,
It hasn’t happened yet.

Forget the present,
I didn’t get you one.

For Mom we got something special.


Books from Amazon+ Sweaters.

The kid sis did all the shopping for the nieces and nephews and said “from the both of us”

The brothers have gotten different books. Parent’s: The sis and I made a scrap book of some of our better times with photos and letters and art work.

The sis… Well, she’ll know by the time she has a chance to read this… We all pitched in and paid the entire repair bill on her car and I made her a ring and bracelet out of shell and polished sea glass like I used to before I got really ill.

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My family could never be considered a family per say.

It’s just non-stop neglect, abuse, and lies, and hate.

we’re not religious but they usually get me something nice. This year I am getting a reverse blade katana, it’s from a manga/anime series im into. The reverse blade symbolizes an oath to never take a life, and now that I am diagnosed with schizophrenia, my dream of becoming a naval officer is gone so it means something to me. I wanted to be a Navy S.E.A.L. when I was a teenager, I took Krav Maga lessons and exercised for three hours every week day.

I’m a college student living off of them but my scholarship has me attending for free, so they dont expect me to buy them anything.

My cousin is visiting he is a band director. I hadn’t any preplanned gift for him. But I did reach in my drawer and pulled out a sterling silver Clef charm. Sucks my mom is in the hospital, she says she wanted fried catfish. I’ll bring her some tomorrow. My dad, he’s always like you ain’t got to get me a gift. The gift he really wants is a part for his tractor. Too complex a thing for me to get. Merry SZ Xmas to all.

I got a bunch of presents for my family. I got my brother a blue chest that matches his house, and inside it are more presents. I got mom a ladybug candle-holder because she loved ladybugs as a kid, I just know these things. I got my dad slippers, socks, etc. I don’t want to say more because it’s christmas eve and I want to savor their happiness when they see their gifts :slight_smile:

I was only able to get my mother something and I got her a kindle and a case and I put a bunch of books on it for her. She got me a kindle last xmas and she’s wanted her own since. I can’t wait to see her face tomorrow when she opens it. All my other family I couldn’t get anything but I’m on disability and they know this so I don’t feel horrible.