What was the last present you received?

What was the last gift you got and did you like the gift or were just happy someone thought of you?


i guess dinner is a gift, in a sense. it’s unexpected, and sometimes makes me happy


A shirt. I always get a shirt. Not much thought goes into any presents I get. (Gets out violin) :violin:


is that violin for me! :smiley: how thoughtful! lol just kidding


@everhopeful I got two shirts! And a coffee mug! And I always get shirts and/or coffee mugs! plays sad pipe organ


LEt us all hear the sad melancholic music of the shirt-for-presents experience! everyone grab a violin and make sad songs! Only then can @everhopeful find peace among his vast assortment of shirts!
lol jk


If I wore all the clothes I get as gifts I would be naked


I got some pictures to decorate my flat from my niece who’s 4!


Hey, what’s that over there in the street?
Oh looky, something shiny~ it’s a gift…oh spoiled me!


I got a pair of ear buds from my partner. it was appreciated since they help with the ignoring of the voices

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Last gift I got…hm, do I count the pants and shirt I got from my brother & his girlfriend…money from my parents…or weight watchers meetings my mom signed the two of us up for including a journal that I should be using for monitoring my points & a water bottle…think I liked the money best, not exactly sure what I spent it on, either some DVD’s/TV shows on DVD or E-Books for my kindle.


I got chip clips shaped like cats from my son for Mother’s Day. They’re adorable and I love them.


I usually receive money from my parents on birthdays, which is really nice. The last present I received was a cook book from a family member. It was not that nice of a present at the time since I was vegetarian during that period and the cookbook had mostly meat recipes. I don’t know why the person bought me this gift because she knew I was vegetarian and could have gotten me a vegetarian cookbook. On the bright side, I used the recipes that were suited for my diet.

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The last gift I got was a carrot cake for my birthday and it was pretty good. I like desserts.


I love carrot cake as well :cake:

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I like buying things online because then they arrive, it is like a gift to me, from me :smile:

I am not sure. I subscribed for two different beauty box lines which are quarterly so I receive a lot of nice, awesome beauty make up hair and lifestyle products for a lot less pricing.


My birthday was two months ago in March and my two sisters took me out to dinner and afterwards they took me to a department store and bought me a nice new jacket.


My mom fixed my broken car…almost $450! then she got me a cake for my birthday dinner my sister threw me. that was in April. Angie is taking me out to eat this next weekend to a BBQ place.


Last gift I received I think was $50 that was given to my boyfriend to take me clothes shopping because I did not have many winter clothes.

I was just so surprised.

My boyfriend took me to second hand shops and when he was paying for what bargains I found I thought it was strange and asked and he said his parents had given him $50 to buy me some clothes.

I got jeans,jacket, long sleeved toll, tights, shoes, beanie, two cards, …
Quiet a lot for $50.

I’m actually wearing the jacket now.

Was nice but surprised me cause it was out of the blue and I had previously felt attacked by them but that was just/only on one occasion.
Not like a couple that are my bf friends that seem to attack me on every occasion we meet…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::worried::disappointed_relieved:

Before that I received a bracelet from my bf friend but that’s also strange cause I do not think his friends like me.
I think they hate me and most of them spiritually attack me .

My bf wore the bracelet but it broke.

Ive been concerned if we break up if that could be a reason that could make us break up or his female friend hugging him for five minutes n being all over him or another one showing underwear she wants to buy etc

I want to spend the rest of my life with my great man but I don’t think they want that .

Itzzz a problemo n strange.

I do not feel comfortable around them.
It can be painful for me to be around some of these people.

But I love n adore him.

Maybe my bf told them I didn’t have much winter clothes.

It can be very nice to give and receive gifts.

One of the woman that raised me, my step mum gave me place to live and has given me money as gift some times.

I do not get gifts anymore from the father one who I don’t see as my real father or not often and he has missed a few birthdays and xmases but I’m ok with that I e been trying to break off our contact cause he was not treating me good enough but was very bad behaved etc

My mum is sending me a gift now.
She is sending me two books and some pastilles.

She gives me gifts birthdays n xmases as does my grand mother.

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I don’t think they all hate me but most of them seem too.:slightly_smiling_face:

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