Extended family's second hand store

I’m not sure how my family sees me and my sis. I always wonder when we get a “gift box” given to us or sent to us.

It’s always stuff like, boxes of mismatched socks, pan lids with no pans, board games with half the pieces missing, old mugs from long ago and warped tupperware. Before we moved here, we ended up with three different relatives all trying to give us their old sofa. So three huge sofas. My Mom had to call goodwill for a pick up.

So, my sister’s birthday just passed… and the “gift” boxes are still arriving. This morning it was a nice box with some chipped shot glasses, some dull kitchen knives, and a huge puffy red fake fur coat, it matched the color of her hair.

I’m trying not to be insulted. A gift is a gift, but I’m starting to be insulted. I think it was the shot glasses…

The knives can be sharpened for $5.00 at the Mom and Pop hardware store. The puffy coat my sis says can be dyed to a nice dark brown and be turned into a blanket.
But the shot glasses? really? She’s 18 and I’m staying sober.

Does it say “goodwill drop off” above my door?

Yes, I’ll have a large VENTi. I would like some cheese with my whine.

Do other people have this situation happening? Again, trying not to look a gift horse in the mouth.


Ok, My sister’s mend and make due ability is amazing to me. Who can look at a bunch of old chipped shot glasses and say…

"sand paper the chips or cover with something decorative, add a wick, fill with wax and make little candles. I was wondering, is that part of being an optimist?


That’s a great idea, turning the shot glasses into candles!

I kind of know how you feel. My friends are always giving me their old and unwanted clothing. Its always 2 sizes small or large. Or just hideously out of fashion.

Sometimes I can make use of them by taking them to my favorite tailor and having them altered. Sometimes, I just take them to the Goodwill dropoff.

I try to tell myself that people MEAN well. They’re just not THINKING well lol.




A neighbor lady is giving me all kinds of stuff. She is old and I think she is giving away stuff before she dies. She is our kid’s extra grandma. I visit her a lot. We are good friends even though she is 50 years older than me.

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For some reason, it’s easier to accept this sort of stuff from my oldest Aunt who is sort of doing what your neighbor is doing. Giving us the old favorite cast iron skillet… I get that. She’s giving away very sentimental stuff. So for her… it’s very valuable.

But for my Aunt’s younger then my Mom and working good jobs, or my own cousins… I get a bit put out.

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I’ve gotten t-shirts jackets, wine, martini, champange, shot glasses. Mats, flowers. Maybe I will get her table and chairs. She was going to throw them away. It’s in much better condition than ours.

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I sometimes get short with my hubby as he is always trying to give people things that I myself would not give. My mentality is that if we won’t use it because it’s old, chipped, etc then why would someone else. Perhaps his mentality is waste not want not…

Still I can understand getting peeved over this. Remember the pink heels my sister gave me? :wink: There have been tight slinky black dresses and fake fur coats to add to that wardrobe. I’m guessing ‘re-gifting’ is part of it and ‘it’s the thought that counts.’ although it would be nice if the thought coincided with who we are :smiley:

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I think your sis has got a great DIY mentality. I myself am the thriftstore queen. I get what you mean however. Not the gift itself but, just the condition of it?

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