The pdoc phoned my (s)daughter this morning

It was to catch up on how I’m doing. She said that apart from some persistent paranoia, about my neighbour(s) I’m doing quite well. The pdoc said said that that will always be there to some degree. She also updated him about the falls I’d had.

My (s) daughter said that I’d go with the flow re oral meds vs depot , though my preference is to stay on the depot… She said that given the ongoing problems with the delivery of meds, and the fact I’m doing OK on the depot, she would prefer for the boat to not potentially be rocked by switching to oral meds. He said it was well within my rights to stay on the depot.


Your doctor sounds like he genuinely cares about you.


Getting one shot a month if so much easier. I wish I could get all my meds in weekly or monthly injectables. Good for you advocating for that for yourself.


A shot every 3 months. Since being here I’ve gone from fortnightly to monthly to three monthly depot. When possible I’d encourage others to do so. Especially if, like me, they aren’t good at remembering to take oral meds.

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He’s the best pdoc by far that I’ve had.

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I’m glad you have a great pdoc. Mine is great too


If my doctor called my daughter about my condition i would sue him.

When I moved here I gave her official permission to be informed about anything to do with me. involving the council/,housing/housing association/my mental and physical health etc. I saw it as being the sensible thing to do.She’s registered as my official carer with social services. That means she can get help if supporting me ever gets too hard due to my experiencing a mental or physical deterioration.


Oh i see.


its great you like your pdoc and treatment plan

its also good that you trust your daughter

hope everything continues to go your way