So had a meeting with pdoc to discuss reducing some meds

It went really well. He agreed that we could aim just to end up on the depot only. He thought my rate of reducing my oral meds was too fast so we will reduce the quetiapine by 100mg every 2 months.

He said it was important to reduce meds slowly. He said his number one. Priority was to keep me out of hospital.

He apologised for his attitude at the last consultation which was nice of him. He also picked up on some of the nuances of my case I wasn’t sure he was aware of.

The end result we have a responsible plan to reduce meds and we both understand each other a lot better. I am pleased. Ideally I would like to reduce the oral meds a bit faster but life is about compromise.

NB - am increasing the depot gradually as the oral meds reduce.


You do not need to worry about med everyday in the future. What a good plan!

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Thanks @Plumber! That’s what I’m aiming for.

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This is EXCELLENT! I’m so glad the appointment went well and I was so please to read he actually apologised for his attitude! Maybe he isn’t an asshat after all.

What great news! Now you have a solid plan to reduce meds and backing from your health care professionals!

Way to go @Jimbob :blush:


you seem to be doing it the best way, talking to your p/doc and then coming up with a plan, i tend to just do things myself and then tell the docs later which is probably a very silly way to do it.

i hope it works out for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Resilient1.

This seems like a much better plan! Good luck, I hope it goes awesome for you!


Thanks @Ninjastar