Saw my Pdoc today

She’s my old pdoc from when I lived here before. It was great to see her again. Nothing really has changed except my Cymbalta has increased from when I saw her last. We just caught up and made no changes. I don’t have to see her for 2 more months so that’s good because I don’t have a vehicle and the bus isn’t running because of the virus and walking that far is hard for me. I’m going to try to get set up on a special program that will qualify me to get transporter services but I don’t know what the criteria is so I have no idea if I qualify or not. But we will see next week when I go to see my therapist. Oh yea, that’s the other thing, I already have a new therapist. I’ve known her for years. I used to work with her at Social Services when she was just starting out as a social worker. Now she’s the clinical supervisor. Wow, she’s come a long way. She’s a sweetie, good energy. I think we’ll work well together.

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Sounds great @Leaf. Very happy your new treatment team seems to mesh well with you. Hope you sort out that transport. I’m actually not minding travelling an hour on the bloody train to see my shrink but there’s something different about face to face meetings.

Keep on keeping on.


Thanks @rogueone

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