Had review with pdoc on telephone

Said my medication would remain the same - Invega 150mg.
Said would look at oral meds in 2 years if I’m compliant with depot for 2 years.
He wants me to focus on other things apart from mental illness.


Sounds good…

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I had an appointment this morning with my psychiatrist. He told me to not try to be who I was before my schizophrenia, to accept my illness and to be happy with what I have even if I stay in bed all day everyday.


I think that is what my pdoc meant with me Aziz - Not to focus so much on this illness.

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Me too! I told him to keep taking his meds and don’t worry, everything is going to be fine.

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that sounds good… how long you been on the depot already?
I like the depot of risperdal, i been on it long time and i don’t want to switch anymore. I combine it with clozapine though…

sounds good to focus on different things yea… not be too obsessed with everything and trying to let things be.

This is unacceptable but in a way my psychiatrist thinks the same way.

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@Aziz as long as I’m not a danger towards my father my psychiatrist does not care if I lay on the couch all day long.
She never addresses my lack of motivation.

Although she asks me if I’m doing things around the house to help my father, which I am.

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Yea thats the most important for me and my psychiatrist.

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Being pre-occupied with sz is not healthy.

To move on you have to accept it, and then make room for other things in your life

I was written off, and they were going to pension me off on benefits and give me a place to live.

It was literally all setup and ready to go, when I pulled out of it, and discharged myself from the care of the CMHT and the agency that was supposed to give me housing.

The choice I made was to work, because I had been jobless for 6 months around diagnosis, and I hated it so much, as I was switched off and a zombie.

You’re all capable of doing something, you just need to enable it.

Obsessing over Schizophrenia is not going to get you anywhere, and the doctrine of mental health professionals to keep you compliant and importantly, not disruptive, is their primary goal.

I am glad I rejected the life they wanted me to lead, as I’d be in a home with nothing to do but make myself sicker and sicker.

Boredom kicks in very swiftly for me

My psychiatrist used to turn beet red every time he saw me. No I have a woman who has degrees from Harvard and Stanford. She is so honest I think my old psychiatrist blushed because he had a crush on me even though I’m straight but I get that a lot from men and women. My new psychiatrist really cares too I like her

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