The oppisite to psychosis

because we have felt the low feeling of psychosis, kind of we contained the psychosis of shear torment, surely one can feel the oppisite of psychosis and reach levels that are similar to a xtc feeling on and off and truely reach a higher consciousness it’s possible because im flying. that is my theory im reaching higher levels and willing it on.

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I’m sorry but I don’t understand what you’re talking about. Can you elucidate?

reaching higher levels

I may be wrong, but it sounds like an active bliss. The energy of the wave below the calm ocean surface. The top current looks tranquil and the under current is packed with energy.

we have felt the low feeling of psychosis: dont you mean the high, very aware, tingling feeling, yet confusing feeling of an psychosis?

im feeling a higher consciousness, im totally in control , im willing it on feels delightful


That sounds a lot more powerful then the ocean. :ocean:

you cant say you are in full control, whilst not knowing the unknowing

thanks…it was brought on by exercise last week, now its coming natrully because im willing it, seems the edorphins are flooding my system :slight_smile: its not manic because im in control

pedro27, are you taking medication?

a bliss feeling brought on by a sense of willingness, a flooding of endorphins leading to bliss, the oppisite to suffering

You are incoherent to me. I am asking if you’re on meds, not about “sense willingness” or endorphins.

maybe your getting the wrong picture alien99, im talking prefect english

I will ask again…are you on medication?

yes why?..

Because you are not making sense. Despite what you may think you’re saying, sense willingness makes no sense, nor does the rest of your posts.

sense OF willingness, read back through my posts

hey pedro27,
with me, when I’m doing that,
I think that’s psychosis.
I guess the lows could be considered psychosis,
but I don’t pursue that, I only pursue what you are pursuing,
and everyone around me says im a nut,
and i am well aware i am floridly psychotic.

i clicked cause i want to contemplate the opposite of psychosis.

i’d say it’s not getting excited about anything, not thinking,
mind washed in darkness and quiet,
body washed in stillness,

no language
no thought,
no movement.


I STILL don’t understand. Is English your first language? I’m not trying to be snarky, I simply can’t wrap my head around your posts, and I am only trying to clear away the cobwebs.

alien anyone who reads my posts understands, im in remission the past year. are you on meds alien?