Bolts of Euphoria on top of feeling well

not only am i feeling well and in remission, i’m getting bouts of euphoria (intense feelings of elation, happiness, excitement, and joy) its a magical feeling tbh :smile:


I get this. I’ll be sitting on the couch watching TV and suddenly I’ll feel fantastic. I looked at the hallway and thought it was so beautiful. Then a few seconds to a minute later I’ll snap back to normal and think “WTF? It’s just a hallway and it’s nowhere near beautiful.”

I use this to my advantage sometimes. I’ll lay down on the bed and when I start to get that elated feeling, I’ll imagine that behind the closed window blinds is the carribean or a Forrest or something scenic. It makes the awesome feeling stick around for longer and makes me relaxed. Kinda like a form of meditation or something.


That’s good…I can’t say I have that. But I do have good days and ok days. Bad days don’t really happen, I dont let them happen. I signed up for a 4 hour lab class and the professor had crap ratings and the syllabus was a bad joke so I just dropped that ■■■■. I prevented a semester of bad days in like 2 minutes by dropping that class.

But I know what you mean. I felt pretty awesome when I got my grades back and was hanging out with my old friends over winter break. I just always need reasons to be happy, it doesn’t just happen on its own.

Today will be a good day- I slept well and I will be working out with an old friend.

My problem is that I demand things out of myself…like I demand perfect grades or I wont be happy, I demand that I get better at weightlifting or I wont be happy. I am hard on myself but it makes me quite productive and at this rate it will be getting me accepted to good grad schools.

Remission is a dream come true, though. I was too paranoid and had little insight when I refused medication and was psychotic. I do soak in the little things, being able to wake up and not hear voices, being able to go in public, being able to use my potential in school, it’s all a dream I once had, and in time it will just be a good memory. I love waking up and having a coffee and getting on these forums without having delusions and hallucinations and restlessness. I have come a long way since when I refused to accept that I was mentally ill.

I am glad to hear that you feel that good! That’s you being positive and having good spirits, I wish I could be like that!

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@san_pedro I get this way, bouts of euphoria, like WOW the sky looks so beautiful and other examples. I suffer from both schizophrenia and bipolar. I am diagnosed schizoaffective so there is a bipolar aspect to my illness as well.
Do you have mood episodes like mania? Mania causes euphoric feelings. Can you feel euphoric with schizophrenia alone? Ive always wondered about it


Yes, it does sound like mania, as I’ve experienced it. Especially the magical feeling -


Thats a good word to describe it, magical

no its definally not mania, it happened last saturday, 4mile into my walk, it was brought on by excerise, a xtc feeling, i was fully in control, and i will never forget it, bliss. lasted about 40mins

I know that exercise releases the feel good chemicals - endorphins, it may have to do with this

yes Wave, i was thinking the same, endorphins it was, because the past 3months ive been doing walking maratons 16km walks, so it was a rush of chemicals that triggered this bliss feeling, a higher consciousness type of thing, i hope it happens again

also i can feel music i like, deep down, sends goose pimples up and down my neck

Sounds pretty cool Pedro, I am very familiar with euphoria, as long as you are ok with it and doing well otherwise

check this out…
…Higher Consciousness and medical treatments Psychedelic drugs are given in small doses to patients during sessions for psychoanalytic therapy. (Dutta, 2012) It is believed that by finding their higher consciousness that patients are able to access memories that are held deep within their mind. Psychedelics are used in Catharsis release therapy sessions. (Dutta, 2012) It is also believed that using psychedelics in alcoholism, helps to eliminate the want of alcohol by speaking to the higher conscious. (Dutta, 2012) Common uses for Psychedelics include curiosity, introspection, and mystical experiences. (Johanson & Krebs, 2013) A prolonged use of hallucinogens are currently thought to be causes of medical diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and Schizophrenia. LSD was very popular in the 1960s. Psychedelic use affects the personal/psychological matrix. Starting a journey forces an encounter with a fear of the unknown, of the lurking dangers believed hidden in one’s own mind, of coming back altered. (Wolfson, 2011) The first session is generally absorbed with the personal relationships, guilt, love, longing, grief, attachments, and self-concepts. This experience opens a way to introspect, release, change, and to be able to reframe a heightened awareness of self and the others. (Wolfson, 2011) Higher Consciousness and Spiritual Religion Experiences The use of psychedelic drugs during spiritual journeys for religious purposes has been used for centuries. Ancient Greece used secret “magic” potions of mixed herbs. Aztec Indians used the Peyote cactus. (Stasko, Rao, & Pilley, 2012) Native Americans reported a high rate of life time use within legally protected religious experiences. (Johanson & Krebs, 2013) During these sprit journeys people are trying to reach their Nirvana that is believed to be within the higher conscious. The higher conscious experience is a psychedelic feeling that heightens empathy and empathetic awareness

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a fun song

These faculties are aroused by and developed in conjunction with certain virtues such as lucidity, patience, kindness, truthfulness, humility, and forgiveness towards one’s fellow man – qualities without which, according to the traditional teachings, higher consciousness is not possible. As an inter-connected group, it is called Collective Consciousness in Philosophy

I’d like to be conscious of myself and the world around me.

i currently have that bolt of euphoria , everything just looks incredibly peculiar and interesting , feel very nice , but also a mind empty of any thought, feels strange