The nutcracker

That is an amazing ballet. I had no idea that I could appreciate that. It was odd being in a theater. Last time I was in one, the cops had to drag me out. But a ballet is not a movie.

I am amazed the human body can move like that. Being someone who is in water more then land, I am amazed by the balance.

I’m glad I didn’t stop myself from going. I was starting to talk myself out of it, but somehow I managed to take a breath and go. The box idea was great. My brother Jack and his kids wanted to go, so did my Mom. So this turned into a lot more then just a father/daughter day. But I think my sis was happy to have more of us together.


My sister used to dance ballet. Every year she would dance in the nutcracker. It was a nice experience.

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I’m so glad you were able to go and experience that with your loving family! That must’ve really put you in the holiday spirit!



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I never saw the nutcracker, I’m encouraged to see it now.