Swan Lake Ballet - Something nice to watch on internet

I just love the Kirov ballet from Russia on u-tube swan lake to be specific. I highly recommend watching it. they’re grace is inspirational as well as totally breath taking.




I think you mean this video - right?

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yes admin. thanks. happy holidays. judy

i never used to like ballet , but i saw this drama on australian tv called ’ dance academy ’ which my dance mad wife watched and i found it quite beautiful. i highly recommend it.
take care

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There is a college channel here that is dedicated to the arts. The play all this stuff of symphonies and ballets and odd art videos and parts of theater performances. I could watch that when I still had a T.V. There was a ballet company out of Holland that was doing some very modern stuff. Just the way they added in a bit of humor to their work… I couldn’t stop watching them. It was like a mix of amazing athletic moves, grace, and physical humor.

If they ever tour, I would actually want to go see them.

Every year my sis and Dad go see the Nutcracker. This year I sort of wish I could go too, but I get the feeling it’s a father/daughter time for those two.

i love art shows on tv, the string quartets , the sculptors, the bands which are not main stream but the good pub bands who do it for the love of it. especially all the wacky artists, there stuff is amazing and when they are interviewed in their studios they really are fundamentally interesting people with a totally different outlook on how they see the world !
i saw the nutcracker when i was twenty, it is well worth seeing, but it might be a father and daughter thing? but you can only ask?
i am sure they would be happy for you to go, just ask your little kid sis
take care.

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