Simple is better... Thank you Darksith

Every year my kid sis and my dad go to the Nutcracker. It’s their yearly Father/daughter thing. They go to a nice place after it and just have a day for dad and daughter stuff. It’s Dad’s once a year splash out a bit.

This year I really wanted to go. I’ve never seen the Nutcracker. I just read the story, and I wanted to go. I was trying to figure out how… how do I get them to take me? I was coming up with all sorts of James Bond scenarios to make them take me.

Darksith… you said, “Just ask to come along”

That was so odd an idea to me that it just might work. Scaling the walls and breaking in to the theater and crashing the ballet seemed so logical to me. But asking to go… that is so devious a master plan it was worth a shot. :wink:
So I got my courage and braced for the worst and asked.

I’m going Tonight. Dad always gets a private box so if I ever wanted to go, I wouldn’t be in the thick of a large crowd. To think all those years they were doing this box thing for the odd chance that I might finally want to go too.
I’m going to have to remember this idea of the simple approach for future.


I saw the nutcracker last weekend. It’s impressive, ballet is beautiful in a weird way…like “how did they just do that?”

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to be honest i think the james bond approach sounds pretty cool, but probably inappropriate, but you could wear the suit !
your dad sounds cool, and i hope you , your sis and dad have the best time,… no throwing pop corn from the balcony though !
take care

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Just got back, head still swimming…

Wow, that was cool. Had no idea the ballet could be so cool. Odd but nice story too.