The movie A Beautiful Mind - John Nash

has everyone seen a Beautiful Mind?

I admit I had 2 experiences similar to the movie. I am amazed. Mine fwere in the present, but same type of plot.

However, I didn’t have any experiences like this until after I had a TIA, a stroke. And now I think it’s PTSD related, which to me means that all psychosis are similar in nature. I’ve read up on different psychosis causes, like I found a multiple sclerosis book (because I was told my double vision was either MS related or stroke related), and found that same psychosis, same plot, in the multiple sclerosis book.

I also have a cousin who is bi polar, which she says her psychosis events are in her ‘manic’ phase, her psychosis is similar, we compare notes, thank god I have her to talk to. she understands the “Hello this is my George Bush” type thing.

that’s why i’m now of an opinion that a psychosis, is a psychosis, is a psychosis.

have others had experiences like this movie?

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Visuals like in that movie are very rare, and by the way, John Nash had different symptoms, he didn’t have intense visuals and imaginary roommates. Hollywood just made that stuff up to make it more “Wow”

If you read his biography and then watch the movie, you will be like “what the hell?”

I have had delusions about newspapers and crap, I had similar conspiracy delusions but instead of intense visuals like in the movie, I had intense auditories. I was also a full time student, that’s mainly how I identify with Nash- he went through school unmedicated and psychotic, I did that for my senior year of high school and my freshman year of college.

But it’s hard to find people who have had imaginary roommates and hallucinations of people whom they interact with. I mean it happens to some of us but it’s statistically very rare.


oh no, I didn’t have imaginary roommates and I don’t have auditory hallucinations, I agree I think that is hollywood ■■■■■■■■.

I did think I saw special messages, like on tv and the radio, and had this plot going on in my head, similar to that scene in the movie where he drives to the old house.

so now that the psychosis is over, I go back to places I had gone to, I see what really is there, like that scene in the movie where they go back to the old house, open the gate, and the building is really been abandoned for many years.

The part I think is similar to the movie, is that the people aren’t imaginary, I think the people around me are different than who they are. So like in the movie, those people John are talking to, are perhaps his neighbors, they’re real people, he perceives them to be somebody else, or perhaps they are trying to have an ordinary conversation with them, only his perception and understanding of what they said is a part of his own plot. that’s how it was with me.

Like, all the bald men I came across, I thought were impersonating my neighbor, so I never felt alone where I went because if a bald man went by, I’d think, well, there goes somebody impersonating neighbor Tom, he was sent here because neighbor tom is saying everything is ok, and I’d go on with my weird motivations for the day.

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Yeah delusions are the most common. Nash had mainly delusions. Some people on here have delusions, some have delusions and auditories, some have both of those plus visuals, (I had visuals a few times a day in addition to auditories and delusions back in the day) and some people have just one of the three or just disorganization or catatonia.

My delusions were endless. I got new ones going every five minutes. I came up with so many that I finally realized that they couldnt all be true- they conflicted each other, they couldnt all be true so I decided that none of them were true.

Im waiting to find the champion of paranoid schizophrenics, someone who has auditories, delusions and visuals all day. I will give him a cookie and a suicide hotline number, and maybe I will give him a couple 800mg thorazine capsules with a beer to wash it down with.

One of my favorite movies on mental illness - when I am not well I can have visuals, the movie took it too far though, its after all Hollywood

As you can see in some of my other posts, I do have visuals as well.

I’ve never had visiual myself.

one night, the night I took myself to the hospital, my brain told me I was going to Ireland in a box dead. but I didn’t hear anything, why I thought that , I don’t know. I did feel like someboedy was in the house here, and brushed up against me, so I ran out of the house, unsure of what to do, I went to the ER.

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The visual and auditory hallucinations are the most common for me and the easier ones to deal with. For whatever reason the tactile really bothers me and the few times i have had things taste or smell different has left me very confused. The worse of all for me to handle though are the tactile hallucinations. Those days where my skin is crawling and i want to rip it all off and escape, and the days where I can feel things moving under my skin (usually spiders) are the days that drive me nuts.

I’ve had things change colors on me, beautiful actually. I went to the park and the flowers seems to have vibrant colors, and the hue and intensity would change and become more brilliant colors.

once I felt like my arms were really long, so when I looked at my hands they were like at the end of a yardstick.

@sasha I enjoy your spider art. I described it as someone zapping me with a tazer. I have this too I think. It starts in my neck and goes down to my feet. But I would describe it as a parasthesia (for me it’s tingling, but also can be skin crawling or itching)

I"ve been fworking with a neurologist, as between my lazy left eye and this tingling, I thought it may be MS related (that was negative), myasthesia gravis (that was negative) still an issue with my left eye and the tingling, then after my stroke, I became psychotic like John Nash.


I experienced similar hallucinations to John Nash in the movie. I also saw a little girl, a teenaged girl, and an shadowed, purgatory man, which I guess is all sort of delusional. They first came to me as auditory hallucinations but then I started seeing them and conversing with them. Then it morphed into tactile where I could hold the little girl’s hand and play games with her. I thought I had DID as I had some trauma in my past, but it all went away with when I started taking anti-psychotics. Which if you really have DID it doesn’t go away with Rx.

what is DID , sometype of delusional disorder?

Dissociative Identity Disorder. Its debatable about whether it is a delusional disorder or not.

@ Mortimermouse : I have auditories, delusions, and (newly acquired) visual hallucinations.

I’m also do not take medication. I use positive thinking/meditation/etc.

I do have to add though, I’m going to resume medication very shortly because I’ve been having terrible depressive states that I can’t control.

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I like your icon/image thingie! Made me smile.

You get the cookie! Do you want some thorazine a some booze to wash it down with? JK dont drink its bad when youre on meds. ■■■■ i was a very highly functioning alky without meds, so I cant say that you shouldnt drink right now.

If I were you I would be OD’d on preworkouts and in the gym and then drunk as ■■■■, in that order. That’s how I was without meds. I had nonstop voices and delusions and a few visuals a day, mostly seeing people do things that were not real, like I would watch my professors talk about me masturbating the night before and it seemed perfectly real to me.

Good job being a buddhist or whatever, my mom loves buddhism, I like it but im too impatient to practice it.

here’s your cookie and a little something special from Putin

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I didn’t see the movie, I read the book and read up on the man. But movies about mental illness just make me mad. Every time one says… NO NO, this is different. I find… it’s not.

As far as visual hallucinations? I do have a few of those that amp up and go away with my stress load. Voices also fade in and out. Tactile hallucinations also happen if I’m too tired and too tense.

Panic attacks and paranoia and delusions I fight off everyday.

Drinking makes my symptoms out of control if I have more than 2. I’ll go back to believing the delusions… I’ll take that slice of Ukraine though? Lol.

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I rightfully get one…Crimea or somewhere along shores of Black sea, since I had ancestors that came from there - about 2,500 years ago…

I never saw A Beautiful Mind…but I’ve had some visuals, not often but some over the years. I’ve not minded them for the most part.

I liked the movie. I liked that Nash tried to find the ‘original idea’, something revolutionary which is why he won the Nobel Prize in economics. In the game theory there is this Nash’s point, read below. I started developing my own game in 1999 and I added some randomness to it. I have random areas and so called ‘Russian Roulette’. Basically this randomness can influence strategies of players so that suddenly the game may take other directions. In the real world there are players such as US, EU, Russia, China and so on and they all play their games, but then there are these random elements that may cause changes in strategies.

Stated simply, Amy and Will are in Nash equilibrium if Amy is making the best decision she can, taking into account Will’s decision, and Will is making the best decision he can, taking into account Amy’s decision. Likewise, a group of players are in Nash equilibrium if each one is making the best decision that he or she can, taking into account the decisions of the others in the game.

I liked the movie. Even if some things were exaggerated it still gave me a better understanding than I had before watching it.

This article highlights some things changed for the movie.

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