The motherload of all delusions.. 1 phone, 2 comepletly different voices from no related people... wish I could say it was in my head, but one of them talked back when I talked, but wasn't his phone number

This is something that has happened to me once…
A former friend of mine came to my hostel, he wanted me to come with my playstation to play at some gurls house… I didn’t want to go, so I told him another friend has it… he kept persisting asking me to call that friend and get it from him, but I still refused… after finally convincing him to leave without it, I sat down with another friend in his room, this when that weird thing happened… I was talking to him and I just forgot what I was telling him, I couldn’t even talk clearly - I was saying random things when I tried saying something, so I just sat down and hoped he didn’t notice (never happened before). I tried thinking about it but I couldn’t - my mind literally couldn’t thing, so I just sat there silent… I then later receive a phone call from that friend who was asking for my playstation, I answered it and he started talking, next thing - while he’s talking, a completely different person takes over and starts talking in the middle of the conversation - that friend who was talking completely disappeared from the conversation, instead it was some guy called Dennis talking(I had hired him to build a website I wanted. He was talking as though he was the one who called; and I had no memory of how my conversation with him began, all I knew was I was talking to some guy called Jeffrey who was asking for my playstation earlier)… I freaked out and hang up the phone. I called the number again and instead of the guy asking for the playstation, it was the Dennis guy… I asked him if it was his number - he said yes; I JUST ASKED HIM ABT THE WEBSITE PROGRESS AND HANG UP THE PHONE. Looked for recent calls on my phone and his number was the only recent call … lol. Few minutes later, I get a call from some real estate agent I had hired, he began talking but before I could respond, someone completely different continues the conversation - it was some hotel waiter I had helped with cash a couple of days earlier… this time I talked to the second person… while talking to him, I look on my phone and the name on the number is the real estate agents, but the guy am talking to didn’t even know about the real estate agent… I was never able to process what it was… heck, if it wasn’t for me losing my mind in the middle of a conversation, I’d say they were together and just switched the phone while talking, to confuse me… Never happened again after that… but it was one of those days… I talk, my voice says something completely different, I think, I can’t think… then I get a phone call from 1 guy, some1 else be talking… wasn’t even funny at the time. That day I went to church hahaha… wasn’t consciously though, I was just driving home when I decided to take the detour.

wish I had asked them in person if they had called ealier… otherwise my ears might as well be hearing the TV talking… and I was having the first clearest conversation with it

yea, it was like from an episode in shutter island … sad to watch such movies, coz you’ll never understand them until it happens to you