The more you accept yourself,the easier your life will be

I think that the more you accept yourself,the easier your life would be

I used to not accept this illness and struggle a lot to pass my day,now that I start to accept my illness(don’t know if bits because of medication),I live a easier daily,but I still had my own struggle just more different and more meaningful


I accepted this illness right after the dreadful relapse of 2012. I had no choice but accepting the illness and medication otherwise I 'd have lived in fear and suffering horrible psychosis.
I am still in the process of adjusting to this debilitated, medicated life. Fortunately, I have the support of my husband and my sisters. So it’s easier for me to swallow my ambition and pride to live a much less productive life. I now learn to enjoy small things in life like a bite of chocolate, a cup of coffee, a bunch of good photos and a piece of newly released music…I use these small enjoyment to fill out my time of everyday.



I have some self hate issues that dog my life. I can’t seem to shake them.

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Me too, I struggle with accepting myself. I know if I did it would make life easier, but I can’t get around to it, its so hard!

I have that too,but seriously it seems lesser now,still had some impotency mentally

That`s what the good life is made of: Small and quiet things!

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