I have had a hard time of late and my health has been very bad.I’m now going to take my drug and I want to live my illness instead of trying to please people and I think if people don’t like the illness who I associate with then that’s their problem.I know I have the illness and I know that life is a lot better when you accept the illness and live it instead of trying to always do or be what other people want you to be,i.e.without the illness


Hi there, you are new, I take it?

Acceptance of the illness and of what life is healthy for you is extremely important. One thing to keep in mind- the right life is unique to each of us. Do you like buffalo wings? I like buffalo wings. I treat myself to buffalo wings just about every weekend and it is good for my happiness.

Other people think they’re repulsive and would pay to not eat them!

Do you like wearing all black, every single day? I do, it makes me feel like myself. Other people would never wear all black! It would make them feel uncomfortable and just not like themselves!

See, we all have our unique minds, bodies, and brains. You be you and do what is good for you. Let everyone else do the same for themselves.

There is a saying in Buddhism; “if you meet the Buddha along the way, kill him.”

We are not supposed to mimic others to an absolute degree.

Yes, to heck with what others want you to be, but the one that gets to me the most is when they “EXPECT” you to be something or other. It is as if they think that they own you.

Believe me, if I didn’t have to acknowledge my illness I wouldn’t. It is the central fact of my life. My well being depends on it. I can’t hold on without my med’s. If it wasn’t for my med’s I would be one of those guys you see on street corners shouting out loud to no one.