The more I'm thinking about it the more excited I'm getting

I know there’s not much of a chance in me getting my old job back but there’s a little chance and I’m excited thinking about what if? I really like helping people and that was such a good job for that. I really felt a sense of accomplishment doing that job. And the pay and benefits are great. And I would get to make new friends.

The only thing is my ex told my stepson he could have the car so we need to check with him as to whether or not he’s going to take it or if I can have it. Otherwise I’m going to have to figure out another way of coming up with a vehicle. I can’t walk that far and the buses don’t run that early.

Also, I got rid of all my office clothes. So I’m going to need to get some things if by chance I do get hired.


Good luck Leafy, Hope you can get the car and get your old job back, Wishing you all the best


I hope you get the job too. Prayers going out for you.

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I really hope you get it, is it part time?

I am currently applying for a pretty cool job but I am beginning to hesitate if I have the confidence for it.

There is a chance that I have to settle for something less. But that is okay too.

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Good luck @leafy

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No it’s full time

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Congratulations!! I hope it turns out well for you. Good luck

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Cool that’s exciting. I hope you get it…

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