Trying to find a Job

Yesterday I applied to 3 job vacancies online.

I’m going to do some stretching when I wake up properly.

Have a shower.

Skip breakfast, I’m still full from yesterday.

Then start familiarising myself with the companys.

And prepare job interview questions.


I find that stretching helps. It seems to ‘wake up’ my body.


I admire your effort on finding a job. Maybe working a parttime job is more suitable for us Sz. Wish you good luck with your job applications.


Thanks so much.

Yes I think right now I’m better off with part time.

And then hopefully in the future, full time.

I’m in therapy. I want to really get to the bottom of my ‘core beliefs’ thoroughly, before I start full time, hopefully.


These 3 job vacancy processes might take a month before I find out if I got accepted or not.

The good thing is that I have a plan b for a different job vacancy if these 3 don’t work out.



I hope you can find a job that is suitable for you.

best wishes.

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Sounds good. Be confident and project…it can help you get a job if you seem friendly and answer questions…most human interaction is more listening than talking!

Good luck @Mae


Good luck @Mae. Hope you find something soon

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SO happy for you! I just reconnected with a friend who might help me be confident in applying to a job he works for or have ideas! he works part-time and takes a lyft to work because he also doesn’t have a car/and found out we relate a lot in this situation. I realize Im not alone in what im going thru many many of us are stuck/confused/and trying to get their lives back.

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Good luck! I’ve been working at my new job for a month now, just part time, but the extra money is nice.

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@Mae , you should send your cv/resume to an employment agency or multiple employment agencies. Let them do the hard work and set up interviews for you.

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Thanks so much @walterchang, @rogueone, @LunaNoir

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Thanks so much @MadPride.

I hope things work out for you and me both…

Thanks so much @Headspark.

That’s amazing that you’re working.

What kinda work if I may ask?

@Mae Sign up on indeed,com and make your resume public. Employers search through resumes all day long and will contact you in many cases. You can also apply to jobs that are posted. It will greatly increase your chances of finding a job.

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Hm… Yea that is not a bad idea!!

Yea. :))

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Cheers mate :slight_smile:

Yea I do use indeed aswell as other websites.

Bit uncomfortable to make cv public though :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

@Mae Well I don’t want to say who I work for to preserve my anonymity, i don’t want them to know I have schizophrenia.

But I drive a minivan around town all day dropping off packages that people order online. My shifts are scheduled for 7 hours but you can work up to 11 hours if need be. They usually give you between 60-80 packages to deliver per day.

I love my job because I am all by myself. I drive in an air conditioned minivan. I have an app that tells me the address of each package that is linked to google maps and tells me exactly where to go. I just drive around listening to my favourite radio stations dropping off packages. It’s so easy. The money is good. I get a pension and expense account. And because I am by myself all day I don’t have a manager on my ass while working.

I get to set my own schedule too. My manager will never call and ask me to work a shift. They post the available shifts every weeks for the following week and you just sign up for the ones you want. The minimal requirement is that I have to work at least 1 shift per month, but I usually work 1-3 a week,


It’s only public to employers, not to the general public.

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That sounds pretty relaxing…for a job!

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