Well my stepson insist he's got plans for the car

So if by some miracle I do get hired back at my old job it looks like I’m walking. It’s 1.1 miles. The walk I do at the refuge is 1 mile. So it’s doable. It’s doable in the morning when it’s cool. It’s not doable when I would be getting off at 5 and it’s 100 degrees. So I’ll probably ask my ex if he can pick me up. I think he would. I think he would also give me a ride in the morning too, but he doesn’t always get up that early. I would hate to ask him to get up earlier than he wants to. But it would all be super temporary. I would buy a car in short order.


Sounds doable and if it’s short term it’s not so bad. Sounds like things are moving forward for you @leafy. Always good to hear.


Sounds like a plan leafy. Sounds like it will all work out if you get the job. :crossed_fingers:


If your ex would be nice enough to give you a ride until you buy one yourself then logically they should just let you borrow the car in question. Afterall wouldn’t you be compensating them in gas money etc etc. Seems like it would be less of an inconvenience to them.


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