The more I think about Life, the more I feel Buddhism is truth

The more I see and observe Life, The More I come to the conclusion that Siddhartha Gautama had actually discovered the Truth of Existence.

I dont know…The concepts of a. Suffering 1. Struggle 2. Karma 3. Desire 4. Anatta 5. Impermanence and Nirvana seem all the more possible.

He really had given answers to the truth of Existence and answers to the more fundamental philosophical questions of existence.


Monks, suppose that this great earth were totally covered with water and a man were to toss a yoke with a single hole into the water. A wind from the West would push it East; a wind from the East would push it West; a wind from the North would push it South; a wind from the South would push it North. And suppose a blind sea turtle were there. It would come to the surface only once every 100 years. Now what do you suppose the chances would be that a blind turtle, coming once to the surface every 100 years, would stick his neck into the yoke with a single hole?”

Such is the preciousness of a Human Birth Monks

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I like to think of the more simpler aspects of Buddhism. The poetry the art the simplicity itself. I try not to worry about existence anymore rather than just being zen🍀. Living in the moment not striving just being. I don’t like thinking about the suffering. It makes me suffer

I have profound respect for Zen - believe me. Even though I dont know Zen or have experienced Zen. I am from India where Buddhism is extinct. There is not a single Buddhist in this country of 1.4 billion (except me of course).

I do rate Zen to be above the Traditional Theravada and Vajrayana Buddhism (Mahayana is a fraud). However I still believe Zen tries to limit the Buddhist phenomenon to only living in the present moment but his entire teachings is much more profound and deep than just living in the present moment.

I firmly believe his entire teachings should be totally meditated upon to reach the inner core of existence and in-turn Hasten the progress towards Wisdom and along with it Enlightenment.

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I wouldn’t confine yourself to one school of thought…

spirituality is fine, but if you want a real accurate understanding of the universe you’ll at least looks over science and what physical sciences have told us about the nature of energy and consciousness… as well as time…

You’ll see that things like karma don’t exist… only as abstract coincidences… conveying as they can be in different situations they don’t really stand up to the obviously indifferent nature of the cosmos.

Bad things happen to good people… jsut because good things occasionally or even continuously happen to you… does not mean they are a karmatic response.

Buddhism is varied in its school of thoughts… but you should realize that by and large the human beings has not subscribed to that school of thought and it is certainly not the truth and has no baring o the nature of the cosmos.

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And that is what I agree with, with my eyes closed.

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@SoitGoes I could never type such an insightful post but that’s my line of thinking too

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I suspect english isnt your native tongue?

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If Budha doesn’t know physics, mathematics and many more sciences can he be classified as an eligible expert on existence?

Yup you are right. I know three languages, Telugu, Hindi and English and not good any of them… just okay nothing more

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A little bit of Tamil

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That’s funny man… very modest…

I only know english… I don’t think I’d be able to learn another language… I’ve tried. So you’ve got me there.

Funny thing is, Budha is also known as God

I think till atleast now, we have no contradiction between Buddhism and science. They are in agreement with almost everything.

Of course, Karma can be only be understood by the most profounds of Minds and those whose conciousness has reached a very hieghtened sense of Awareness.

Karma is True – All existence works on the work of Karma.

Again this is Interpretation - Someone comes and slaps you for no fault of yours. What do you do?. Of course you have been wronged. You dont question Karma for that. You look at that in the whole picture with complete awareness to see why were you slapped in the first place. Did you make even a tiny bit of mistake from your side anywhere?..If yes, It could be possible that you could be slapped.

This is just a simile …It can be explained with other contexts…

But the point I am trying to make is that -------- It is wrong to restrict Karma to only a minute, shallow occurences…I believe Karma works like a Flow and it is continuous. It may take time for it to work but it will work…eventually for good or worse.

Nope (fifteen characters)

Physics, Mathetimatics etc are names given to the study of Physical Nature. Yes todays Physical Study is pretty strong and profound but in those days ------- there were different Scientists…Scientists who studied the Consciousness and the Human Mind…They were no less capable than any of modern day scientists and in fact were much more accurate and profound in understanding the Universe

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Nope what? You have an explanation from apart from Karma?. Of course I am not talking about stupid things like winning a Lottery or getting a new home, job etc…those are not Karma.

If you have something substantial make it known.

Karma is believing shadows can talk. That is why in olden days Gods walked on Earth

Science is proof and that is why not even a single God walks on Earth today.

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I mean everyone knows there is No God.

Noone is disagreeing with that concept.

Even the Buddha said there is no God.

I am talking about the truth of Existence and Karma plays a role in that.

Firstly this should be an unusual beliefs thread… not lounge material.

Consciousness is a property of properly arranged matter. Consciousness does not preceed matter. We are within the construct of matter. Like a computer program. This program has no effect beyond the substrate.

There is no greater consciousness or balance calling the shots as the future states of this pachinko machine unfold.

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