Life is Suffering

This is one profound truth I am pretty much sure of…whatever I have learnt in the past 2 years it boils down to this

  1. Life is Suffering - whatever we do with an unconscious mind (with an inherent Ego) is Suffering. It creates a Sankhara (impurity) in your mind which you are not even aware of. That Sankhara causes Suffering. Meaning it is bad…a bad karma …It is bound to hit you…for souls who are pure it hits them in this life and for the unfortunate others - a bad birth next time around

  2. Life is Fair - There is no escape from the Law of Kamma - good actions pay you and bad action again pay you…There is a delay between action and result but the result will come eventually…on death

I forgot to mention ----------- There is an escape…Nibbana - The deathless element

Only then for the first time you become CONSCIOUS …you really are AWARE of what you are doing…and once you become FULLY CONSCIOUS…you attain the Deathless…Nibbana…then there is no coming back…no more births…no more suffering…That is as the Buddha says - The cessation of Suffering

Sound interesting and very similar to Buddhism. But I already have my own belief.

It is Buddhism and the Buddha’s words

As much as I’d like to indulge in this thread

Sorry aint happening

This is the second time I read the teaching of Buddha (your post) in plain English.

Polite disagreement. Suffering is optional. I’m having a mostly good month. Good job. Work with good people. Come home to an awesome family. Live in a great community that I have been welcomed into and made to feel at home in.



Polite disagreement - we dont know the depth of human minds to truly grasp the magnitude of Suffering - first of ourselves and then of others. Only a Conscious being knows the depth of Suffering and basically knows what Life IS.

An Unconscious mind does not even know the meaning of Suffering

“Suffering is optional, pain is inevitable” -The Dalai Lama (I believe)

Hows that for buddhism?

are you Consciously happy or is it your unconscious mind saying that you ARE happy?.

In other words - have you experienced TRUE happiness ??..Im sure you have not…once you experience the DEATHLESS- NIBANNA …then all other happiness are useless and fleeting

My blood pressure tester says I’m happy. So does my blood glucose meter. When I’m stressed my diabetes goes out of whack and my blood pressure goes through the roof. I look forward to going to work and I’m happy when I get home. I have problems like everyone else, but they are manageable.


This sounds pretty much like the other delusional stuff people post here. Sorry.


Lets say you are ALL ALONE - without a job …without anything … THEN will you be happy?.

your happiness is CONDITIONAL - a family, a Job, a so called respect that you delude yourself into and your happiness is BASED on that.

Once you lose all that - i should be seeing you

A person can always find a reason to be content. A person can always find a reason to be discontent. Unhappiness is a choice for many and a vocation for a select few.


Doubt it. I don’t go around looking for reasons to be miserable.



you are so shallow…it sucks you are born as a human. i pity you…seriously even if you born as an animal it would have made no difference.

Right. Enjoy the break from the forums.

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