The meds don't work/the therapy is garbage

Nothing is working for me. Im always constantly depressed and ocassionaly psychotic. I feel so alone and isolated. This feeling in my body won’t stop. The only thing that helps is alcohol. I just don’t know what to do anymore. It won’t stop. Everyday just a constant cycle. The world is so cruel and no one gives a ■■■■. I don’t want to live this life anymore. Theres no good in this world. I just wish it would stop.

You’ve just gone on 15mg. Give it time to work.


Hey Kazuma, I know you’re in a dark place. All I can say is you can make the right choices, live sober and pursue goals. Some days can be really hard when you feel like there is no end in sight to your suffering. I’m learning to let go of my worrying even if it’s hard, our thought processes as SZ aren’t the best, sometimes we twist reality without knowing all the facts. Have faith in tomorrow, it can bring some wonderful news, life isn’t a piece of cake but only you can begin to see the beauty in it. We all deserve a peaceful existence.


I’m struggling today too, and I feel terrible physically and mentally. We’re in this together @Kazuma.

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maybe you have something other than schitzophrenia there are other conditions that can cause sz type symptoms

I am in the same place. I will root for you and you can root for me ;_;

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