"The Loser" I can't unsee it

I feel like a loser. Im 27, never had a girlfriend.

In this very sexualised world of ours, it makes me think im pathetic bc i cant create good relations with women. Ive had my chances and missed them because of my autisic nature and that makes me see why i can be seen as a loser. Sz hardly makes it any easier. Its making me even more aloof.

Anyway. Im venting hence put this under the unusual beliefs category. My younger brothers have both had more experience in this regard and im just sat here twiddling my thumbs.

Whys it taking so long for me to even hold hands with a girl. Its that bad.

Anyone else able to identify with me? Anybody who was able to identify with this and moved on to the greener side of life?

Idk what im looking for. Just venting. Though i do want people to say its not pathetic. But now i see why it is. I cant unsee it.


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You’re not a loser you’re 27 year old virgin the two things are completely different and you shouldn’t be so hard on yourself


I know you live in the UK just go over to Amsterdam

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Are you on dating sites have you tried to date?

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I have in the past, stopped because of psychosis. Now that im overweight, i avoid it. :confused:


I think you’re being too hard on yourself

If you’re overweight it’s easy to find women who are overweight who want to date who accept overweight men

If you want to experience sex, go to amsterdam

If you are lonely and want to be in love, be courageous and believe in yourself. Have hope. That alone will make you a worthwhile partner to someone out there.


Fair enough. Ima try more


Just because you haven’t had a girlfriend or sex doesn’t mean you’re a loser. One of my mom’s dearest friends from young childhood never had a boyfriend and remained a virgin until she had her first boyfriend in her 50s. They got married and have been married about 20 years now. She is a very sweet lady. I really like her. She’s definitely not a loser.


I think you feel bad because you haven’t chosen this path on purpose. Some of us have, which is why we aren’t upset about it. So if you want a significant other in your life, then try your best to find one. Start friendships with others and go from there. Sometimes you have to actively seek before finding.

I will say you should probably find a way to uplift yourself first. Move past the low self esteem and self hate talk. Take some time to heal and be in a better place before getting into a relationship. You have to be sure of yourself, and be in a good place mentally before finding someone. Best of luck and I really hope you find that special person.


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