Cant do it :( cant get a date

i dont think i’ll ever find anyone :frowning:

i’m an undateable :cry:

You will. You have a lot of great qualities, you’ll find someone.

i cant do it, its too hard

Normally this things happen when you’re not expecting it…

i dont think it will ever happen

Yesterday I thought I couldn’t but today I think I can. Problem is it seems every girl is already in a relationship. Not many single women I can find. Except in aa where they advise to not get in relationships there.

i think there is something wrong with me

im left on the shelve too,

Which country do you live in

You know whats funny? When the voices tell you that your next girlfriend is going to be a perfect dream girl. And they basically encourage you to be somebody who waits and does no first steps in order to find her or anybody. Make you passive and keep waiting for her to fall from the sky or whatever. They tell you all sort of perverse things about this female. And you even dream about some good-looking girl in your dreams. How messed up can one be for all of this to happen? Basically i noticed that these voice(s) controls the minds of people, however fcking strange that might sound. I have noticed that when the voices were hostile to me people were extremely hostile towards me also. With me just being there and not saying one word. But later in the last days of the hostility it turned to be more positive and people were smiling and talking with me freely… So yeah this voice controls people minds and i possess this knowledge but these fcking voices never do anything for my advantage, i.e. turning girls brains so that they love me subconciously or whatever. thats how pathetic my sitation is. i didnt get any interest(even friendship) from any girl in a LONG long time. This fcking voice ruins my life day in day out and i only get humiliated in anything i try to acomplish. No Pain - No Gain? Well for me its No Gain - All Pain.

is it looks?

@turningthepage uk

trouble is that i see myself as a 19yr old but things have changed since then and i dont think i can accept that

Don’t dwell on it too much. I suppose England is similar to USA except you don’t have lovely Spanish women as many as we do. They are the nicest.

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I think most girls dont even care what you look like. Its not that important for them as it is for men.

idk if i agree with that, i think it is a double edged sword if you know what i mean

trouble with me is i use to be thin and not that i am XXL no one wants to know lol, i’ve seen myself walking past shop windows in the reflection and i say to my self i look like a bit of an idiot, people probably laugh at me behind my back

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They might say they want their man to be so and so but in their heart of hearts they would settle with anybody who cares for them and is a ‘sympathischer’ (i dont know how you say that in english) Mann.

i’d like to think that it is personality that counts but with many that just isnt the case,

“Is sympathetic”. No noun for that. sympath actually might be a word but more common to use the adjective. Daydreamer I think you just need more confidence to prove you can get by with no woman. Girls see you don’t NEED them and want you for that. They’re strange creatures. And overrated IMO…I mean I can’t jive with any and which pretty female. Gotta have the right chemistry which is rare for me.

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i wish i could believe that

You will find someone for you

i’ve been saying the same thing for 3 years now and i have found no-one