The little charcoal car with the dark tinted windows - what does it mean?

I’ll be the first one to admit I’m not doing best right now. And I know I’m insane. But it’s not all in my imagination, it’s not just a hallucination. For a while now I’ve been noticing this little charcoal car come by. I thought I knew who it was. But when I saw the person I thought it was I realized she doesn’t have dark tinted windows.

Almost every time I leave my house I see this little car. If I go out to smoke, it goes by on one of the roads I can see. If I’m going downtown, I see it down there. I was telling my ex while we were standing in front of my house smoking a cigarette and he said there’s lots of cars like that, and it drove by. I said see!

On and on this goes. I have this fear that someone is going to drive by and shoot me. It doesn’t usually happen in the day when I can see in the car, but it’s bad at night because I can’t see. Well with this little car it’s bad because the tint is so dark I can never see.

Yesterday me and my ex were heading down to the grocery store and I was telling him that the car drove by but this time it had it’s window rolled down. I was relieved to see it was a granny with a short gray bob and I didn’t think she was going to shoot me. He said you never know.

I swear to God when we pulled into the grocery store parking spot he parked right next to that little car. I said why? What is the deal with this car? He said there’s hundreds of those cars, that’s not the same one. I said you wait, when the person comes out you tell me who it is.

After my shopping I came out and the car was gone, I ask was it her. H e was surprised and described her. I said see, every time I leave the house I see that car.

It’s just so freaky


I know that when I’m not feeling well I can’t trust my memory.

It could be similar cars that your mind scrambled the details of.

That way it always appears to be the same car.

Dark tent is common, especially in sunny California.

I’m sorry you’re going though this.

It has to be very upsetting.

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I appreciate the understanding. But it really is the same car.

Hi Leaf, you are describing the exact definition of paranoia. I´ve been there aswell. Sometimes I get little flashes of it. And I need to remind myself that if I do nothing about the object of my paranoia, nothing will happen. And nothing happened to me because of what I thought.

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That’s what my pdoc called it. I’m not making it up, just overreacting to it, I suppose.

She’s probably thinking “everytime I’m out, I see that lady, today she even parked next to me!”

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lmao, that could be true

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You’re going to regularly see vehicles owned by people in your neighbourhood. It’s rare for me to go for a walk and not see a bright yellow VW bug cruise past me at some point.

How is your stress level? I find I start ascribing weird meanings to everyday things when I’m really stressed from work or crap in my personal life.