Suspicious white mercury

I came back from the store with my monster drink. Now this white mercury with all black tinted windows has been parked on the other side of the road, not in front of any neighbors house or mine particularly. It’s strange because I don’t want to call the police and have to be interrogated, but I am not feeling paranoid, would you if you seen a white mercury all black tinted windows doesn’t look like it’s a visitor of anyone neighbor house. I’m just going to go about my day and hope this vehicle leaves.

I’m just tripping man, it’s one of the workers for my neighbors lawn care service. Must be a new worker who was waiting for his boss to show up. My fault.

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I’ve had a few false alarms like that. I have also that the real deal a few times.

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Hey e_lunaseer I thank you, I really do for making me feel like I’m not the crazy one. I just cannot believe that I was thinking like that. Sign of my decreased dosage perhaps. The real deal, that sounds very scary. Be safe out there.