The last voices i heard 5 years ago was

‘‘i am the lord youre God there are no false God’s before me’’

that line is in the bible too

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god said that to moses too

I never get so deep and philosophical voices. My voices have been much more simple such as ‘if you do not do this, you get hurt’

Good that you’ve been voice free for 5 years. I’ve never heard voices, I doubt I could cope with that.

i really believed the voice when i heard it, it was God himself, 5 years ago,

it was the only positive voice i ever heard from the lot

was it God…i like too think it was

Since my meds got increased… the voices have faded little by little…

They are still there… and during a stress hit or if I forget my meds at night… the voices are the first thing to come back.

But it’s been more then a few weeks that my head has been quiet. It’s very odd.

That’s great. Keep up the good work.

I hear positive voices & have positive visuals most of the time. Pretty much all the antagonistic voices have been converted, thanks to my reasoning abilities toward them. Only one character sits out, but I think with time he’ll figure himself out.

I treat my voices & “illusions” as real people, though. I’ve noticed it greatly changed everything when I treated them as real. Everyone was kinder and more at peace.

God didn’t speak to me personally, but I have trusted a female mediator that appears to me - seems to be pretty open & loving about everything I do, even towards things I consider mistakes or setbacks. Sometimes the booming voice of something like a masculine God appears, but I think that’s just someone else’s imagination of God breaking through my own. It’s often a humorous, exaggerated masculine person.

yeah I do but they mostly threaten me about dying. like if I was you, kill you.