The last 17 hours

I didn’t sleep last night. At 3am I started talking to celebrities in my head. I was “pitching” my ideas. This lasted 17 hours, this time. Its been happening for 6 years. Sometimes I go for weeks at a time. It just won’t stop. I actually called one of their agents today. I was told I could submit a pitch through email. She sounded like she wanted to get off the phone with me as soon as possible. I could tell she knew I was crazy,

I have a problem with movies playing in my head, but the problem isn’t just the movie playing in my head I’m usually creating a character or two…adding to it changing things. Some might consider it my creativity at play, but like you I can’t stop it, or turn it off. Then when I watch the actual movie I get so annoyed because it doesn’t have the character I created in it and most of the time I think my version is better, but then I get confused when watching the movie so I stop the movie and go do something else with my time.

I used to think I’d be talking to celebrities through their photo’s until I got rid of all their photo’s. I know when I look at someone in a photo they’re not really communicating with me, but the thoughts wont go away. (And this was happening in my head long before J.K. Rollings harry potter photos that were supposed to actually be talking)…

I had to stop watching Dr. Phil for a while because I was paranoid he was saying I was a lazy mooch because I live at home and don’t pay a steady rent with my parents. I give them money when I can, I do things around the house when asked but his motto is kids should be kicked out when they’re 18 (he has said this countless times on his show) and well I’m 32 still live at home. Sure I’m suffering from paranoid schizophrenia but does that really make a difference?? I was getting so upset I had to just stop watching him, especially if the show was about adult kids living at home.

Welcome to the forum @perrychristophercarey. I hope you get some sleep.

hello and welcome. i too hear celebrity voices. can i ask whose voices u hear? xxx

I used to/ still have this problem as well, only it’s not so much with celebrities, It would be pictures of my family. My sis would put up pictures of the family in my room as way to maybe comfort me, and I would have to tear them down and hide them. I didn’t want my parents to see me being so bad or so ill.

It was so hard to explain why I didn’t want any family pics up in my room at the hospital or group home or anywhere. I’m getting a little better about it. I keep the photos on the computer.