Afraid of stars being able to communicate with me

I know this is pretty out there, but afraid of stars being to see and hear my thoughts. It usually ends off badly with them thinking i’m a bitch even though i’m afraid to talk to them in the first place. What should I tell them “sorry i don’t feel like talking to you right now please leave me alone.” This is an unusual delusion. Has anyone talked to anyone famous in their voices? How did it fare?

It seems I always come across songs when it becomes relevant in my life.

Sometimes I think the radio is talking about me

Oh… it took me a while… You mean movie stars…

There were times I was sure the universe was opening my head… I do have a lot of attachment to some of the constellations.


I talk to myself and sometimes think someone is listening and then talk as much ■■■■ as I can. It happens when I step out of the shower and look in the mirror to shave. It’s not fun. I just did it for an hour.

my uncle use to do this my dad said. He would go outside and talk to the stars, but he would be completely naked for no reason. This illness makes us do and believe strange things. I don’t talk to famous people voices but the voices keep telling me that the FBI is watching me, which spooks me.

stars are our friends, no one wants to hurt you. You sound delusional. are you on meds? I don’t know where I’d be if I wasn’t on antipsychotics. @mellowyellow don’t be afraid of the FBI. they wouldn’t mess with a “little fish in the ocean”. they go for the BIG things like terrorism. I trust the FBI. anyways, I hope your fear of them goes away.

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awww :smiley: :smiley: best comment I’ve had on this forum…thank you so much and kindly smile btw, read your start of your book on the forum. sounds awesome. You have blessed my life with this comment here. It has been a nightmare for 6 years with the voices saying that he FBI want to kill and destroy me. What keeps me going is exactly what you said; I’m sure they are out doing more important things like catching terrorists than watching little me :blush: Thank you!!!

Trust me, I have an step uncle that I was close to in my childhood and teen years. grew up with him on Lake Eufaula…he became a secret service man and I saw him once more about a couple of years ago. and I called him “dangerous with karate” just to call him out for looking and acting like a badass…he was very humble when he replied. “I’m not dangerous. Terrorists are dangerous”. anyways, they are just men chasing the bad guys. kind of like “Die Hard” movies with Bruce Willis. thank you for your interest in my book. It has small sales but I’m glad people still read it.

Lol. I want to have your baby’s!

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I used to think that…I used to have my photos covering my walls until I thought they were talking to me and whatnot. I still have issues with celebrities voices in my head, Dr. Phil’s a big negative voice in my head calling me a lazy moocher because I’m 33 and live at home…and don’t pay steady rent, but I give my parents money when they need it and I have it to give them. I rarely watch him any more because the negativity he instills in my head. I do watch him when a topic I find interesting comes along though.