The kitten

I will keep the kitten because I believe what @MrSquirrel said about the messages not coming to pass. My kitten won’t really get poisoned plus he is too small to go outside yet anyway and I think he likes living here too. The whole thing has made me so tired. He is jsut a cat and he just wants food and that’s ok. I worry about him though.


Dawww, I love kittens. They are so playful and carefree. Why would he get poisoned? He is probably pleased to have a friend. I got my cat about six years ago. About one out of every ten houses in my area foreclosed and lots of pets got left behind. My cat, Jontifer, “Jonty,” found me one day and we’ve been friends ever since.


Mine is Tiggy. He looks like grandpa munster.


hahaha! I think Jonty is Siamese. Jonty just has a sassy look all the time. I mean everything you do when you look at her, she seems to be saying “really” very sarcastically :joy:

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In all of my years with this illness and knowing people with the same, I’ve not once ever, and I do mean EVER, seen anyone ever get into trouble or have a misfortune from ignoring and tuning voices out. The only people who have problems are the ones who listen to their voices, or, worse, play with them.

Props to you - you’re totally on the right path here.



p.s. Cats are awesome. I’d have fifty of them if Mrs. Pixel would let me. Just have to settle for my one kitty.


I thought I was being sold poisoned cat food at one point. Didn’t go into the store and accuse them of it or anything, I’m not publicly crazy if I can help it. My kitten (an enormous 11 yr old orange guy) has an eating disorder that’s only gotten worse since we moved into a condo where his only outdoors is a small porch. Every time I get up he runs to his dish and cries at me. If I don’t feed him he gets angry and swats at my legs. I really shouldn’t feed him as much as I do.

Any time I get a cat I spoil it to the point that I can’t stand it. Then I give it to someone else.

just rehomed my last foster cat, on the look out for the next one (or litter) may keep one this time, not sure, it would have to be the right one

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Ahhh. Breaks my heart, reminds me of a kitten I had to give up. After all the love and care I gave this poor cat with resperitory problems he takes a liking to chewing electrical cords and wires…an obsessive liking. After doing everything I could and him doing hundreds of dollars in damage I had to bring him back to the shelter. And what did they do? To a former volunteer, they guilt tripped and shamed me as much as they could before I was back out the door.

Jeff (who names a cat Jeff?) I hope you’re okay.

I’m ok thank you. Tiggy is sleeping behind my neck which is his favourite spot. I had a vision of him as an old cat so i am keeping him to see him as an old cat. I have a kitten now!

Tiggy looks like Jony but in reverse color XD. Where he is white, put black and vise versa. Then add a black nose and blue eyes and you got my cat. XD No kidding! He is really cute though :smile:

can you show a picture of Jonty?

Let me go find her

Okay,maybe I exaggerated a bit :frowning:…I didn’t account for the black on Tiggy’s face. But the little patches on the mouth are opposites at least. So, this is Jonty looking sassy and fabulous as always.

Jonty is sassy and fabulous! :heart_eyes_cat: thnk you for sharing a picture

No problem. When one of my best friends comes over, she says she always has to greet Jonty formally or Jonty will get quite offended. Jonty meows non-stop though, but I kinda like it(we have conversations). :smile_cat: