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The key to surviving with severe schizophrenia


Yea I can’t play chess I’m too stupid




So you won’t be able to reply to this post :stuck_out_tongue:


@firemonkey I would gladly give up chess to be able to cook or do the laundry.
I would gladly trade places with a person with low IQ, and give up on writing here and playing chess to be better suited to life.


But u can live independantly.u can look after urself…so i mark u as average functioning mankind tim…


What about the things you CAN do?
Sure there are things you can’t do, but either work towards being able to do them, or stop focusing on them.
You’re not doing yourself any good with this way of thinking, you’ll only cause yourself panic and grief.
I know it’s hard, but you NEED to break out of that negative cycle you’re in.
You say there’s no recovery for you, but I beg to differ. I refuse to believe you’re the only person in the world who won’t get any better in any way.

You need to focus on the things you can do, and the small progresses you’re making, no matter how long time progress takes.

What exactly is keeping you from doing these things you say you can’t do? You keep saying you’re tormented by symptoms and you have intrusive thoughts, but you never specify what it is that makes you so unable to do anything.

It’s not that I don’t believe you.
I just think your negative way of thinking is hindering you, and as long as you keep believing there’s no hope for you and such, you won’t be able to make progress as fast as if you try to focus on the positive things.


But @Berru I CAN"T do what you’re saying.
I just CAN"T.
I am an INVALID, a person too ill and infirm to care for himself.


I was just pointing out to @Chess24 that there are things he can do that others of us can’t do.
He’s very good at articulating the false belief that he can do next to nothing.


Like ice cubes in water, believes are 3/4 th part under water and action are 1/4 th above water.


Would you rather we all gave up on you ?


Dude. If you let go of your ego, you wouldn’t care about success.


I’m not pestering you. I’m trying to change your train of thought, and make you realise that hope is not lost.

who told you you’re an invalid? What MAKES you an invalid? What symptoms is it that keep you from doing anything? Are you hearing voices? Seeing things? Is your body unable to move?
You still haven’t answered.

As long as you stick to your beliefs that there is no hope for you, nobody or nothing will be able to help you. But you’re too far into the dark spiral to see that right now, I can only hope that you’re able to break out of it someday.

I want you to feel better, and I know you can. Even if you don’t see it yourself, there is progress. Like I said, I just hope that you one day are able to break out of your negative thought spiral.


I don’t care about success I care about expressing myself :slight_smile:

I like to make music and write books, it was getting rid of my ego that made it good.

Just like any artist, the true expression came from when I stopped doing it for money, fame, success, women but for myself because I enjoy it.

Doesn’t mean I still cant be successful, just my intentions are different.


But you just said that you fantasize about success (and there’s nothing wrong with that). I’d say that’s a very clear sign that you do care about it. We don’t fantasize about things we don’t care about.

At any rate, I don’t think losing your ego completely is a good thing.


True I never said I was enlightened but I do have a decent amount of spirituality for a western folk or so ive been told. When my friend said to me “YOUR EGO” and I listened to him and it drove me madder than I’ve ever been mad, it was because I took it literally and I was living devoid of my ego completely. In my opinion, getting rid of your ego can lead to revelation but its not a long term solution. Its hard to function this way. I know it was for me. I still ponder why the hell he said to me “your ego”, people have asked me and I’m not sure. I still have his phone number I can ask him but I am scared of asking him because it changed my life so much, that word “ego”. What if he gave me an answer I didn’t like? That’s why I’m scared.


Being goal oriented is extremely helpful to me. I wouldn’t have been able to quit smoking or get married without at least a rough written plan.

However, I was pretty goal oriented even before I was first hospitalized so I had a few motivational resources at my disposal already. I have a few MI friends that were never goal oriented to begin with and they pretty much continue that habit into adulthood and have a much tougher time.

I really liked Zig Ziglar’s books and tapes even though his religious and political views are a little flakey sometimes. I still keep a “Victory Sheet” and it does make me feel better about myself even though my accomplishments wouldn’t seem big to most people.

I really do suspect there is a goal planning and impulse control part of the brain that is severely damaged in some people since some simple planning concepts seem totally foreign to them. I have one friend who has nerves so jarred that she can’t write anything legibly anymore.

I think a “bucket list” is a good thing to have even though so many things are out of reach to us. I have mostly simple things on it right now like seeing a harpsichord recital or going to a 3d movie.


I’m not trying to be hateful or mean here,

But this is a RECOVERY forum, right?

Is anyone else terrified that someone will google “key to surviving schizophrenia” and get this thread telling them to basically give up?

I am.

This is not recovery oriented.


I would suspect that if people are smart enough to use a computer and navigate sz.com they are probably skilled enough to achieve at least some goals. We are not a typical cross section of patients. Anyone that can read a book also has a lot going for them.



I agree to an extent,

This is the reason I don’t want to be an astronaut or ballerina.


Because I can’t and its a waste of effort to try,

Trying to not gripe all the time or just get up and get a glass of water for yourself is different.