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The key to surviving with severe schizophrenia


I don’t agree with #3.

You shouldn’t set yourself up to fail, and by that, I mean having higher than realistic expectations. But if you tell yourself “I am worthless, I will never achieve anything in life”, you’re setting yourself up to fail too!

You should stay positive and try to enjoy life, and focus on what you CAN do instead of what you CANNOT do.


Well said, I try to get better but I don’t expect to get better.


I suppose it’s OK to “let go of your ego” but don’t give up self-regard, pride in what you do, striving for accomplishment, self respect, etc. as I tried to do when I started taking drugs.


“Let go of your ego” is such a subjective thing to say though. I just know when I was tortured whilst on lsd I was coming down and my friend calls me up on the phone he said “YOUR EGO!!!” I said “I KNOW!!” I didn’t know what the f ego meant. What losing my ego for me could be a narcissistic thing in someone else’s opinion. I just know understanding the ego is more important than losing it. Knowing which parts of the ego are bad and which is important to keep has aided me in the long term. At first the ego just confused me. Now I don’t try to suppress it completely rather live with a healthy ego, I finally make social and spiritual progress. And I’m grateful


I am writing a guide for people trying to survive,
not for people who are trying to be supermen.


Who said anything about being superman?
It’s not really surviving if you give up and just wait to die, either.
There should be a balance in it all. Trying to survive is fine, but I believe one should also try to live.


@Berru YES, you have to accept that things that are normal for healthy people are OUT OF REACH
for me.
I GIVE UP on them.


I’m busy trying to fit my underpants over my trousers while typing one handed :wink:


Why compare yourself to normal people?
You should set standards and goals that make sense for YOU, but if you just give up, lie down and wait for it all to be over, your life will be miserable.
I’m not saying this to be mean. But you can’t give up on everything just because life didn’t turn out the way you hoped it would.

It doesn’t even have to be big goals that you set for yourself, it can be something small, and it should be something you’re pretty sure you can do.


I am sharing my experience @Chess24. Not any superman. ( Ok I am happy with my life. Now I am in a position to taking a risk of opening my company.)


@Berru, having low(that is, realistic) expectations from life doesn’t rule out setting small goals.
What I wrote in the opening message of this topic still holds,
and it doesn’t rule out trying to do small things .
Setting the bar of expectations low, and letting go of your ego and ambitions doesn’t mean you have to stop trying.
You can, if you wish try to do things but without ambition.
Without expectations.
Because these things create terrible stress and pressure and drive you nuts.


@AKu to me you are like superman, because the things you do will never be attainable for me.
It is as if I am a cat and you are human.
The gaps are immense between us.


The key to surviving schizophrenia is not to bitch and complain every two seconds about how you’re low functioning.


No yaar @Chess24, I am simple. I want to help but every time things become worst for you.


Have you any visual haulicination @Chess24. If you share me than I will analyse your stage of schizophrenia.


I refuse to believe that anyone who can play chess is truly the lowest of the low when it comes to functioning.


Here I am @firemonkey, I am the lowest of the low,
I can’t do household chores, can’t work, can’t read, can’t watch TV etc etc.


How can u write on here then Erez


@Wallafish I can do 2 things:
write here, and play chess.
And that’s it.


That’s more than I can do. It’s more than many people can do.